Signs of Spring 7

This Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora' (aka Japanese Rose, Jew's Mallow, Batchelor's Buttons) is exploding into a mass of acid yellow blooms. It picks up where the daffodils leave off further down the side garden bank. This is a real workhorse shrub for me - I usually have a few blooms from December onwards, followed by a mass of yellow from March through to May. It brightens a gloomy part of the garden most effectively!


  1. That is early. I think I have finally killed off ny Kerria-not on purpose-it's just been out competed.

  2. More colourful signs of Spring. I have this in my garden, it is a lovely shrub. I gave my Dad an offshoot, and he loves it too. x

  3. Judith - that's quite a feat, it's usually the other way round!

    Louise - glad you give stuff to your dad as well as the other way round. It's one of the real gardening pleasures isn't it?

  4. A beautiful and cheerful shrub VP. My favourite photo of my niece and godchild is of her twirling under a kerria shrub with a garland of yellow flowers on her head. She is a cool 17 year old now and would not like to be reminded of the antics of her youth :)

  5. Anna - ah but in a few years time it'll come round full circle and that'll be a photo she'll cherish!


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