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Friday, 14 March 2008

Signs of Spring 6

The Pulmonaria had a bit of a hard time with slugs, so has taken a while to recover and start blooming this year. As a result it's managed to combine itself well with these daffodils in the woodland area.

I'd like some feedback on my new slideshow please. After the first day I put it on there and got it working to my satisfaction, I'm getting a blank space now when I go into my blog and wondered if it's the same for you?


  1. I've had no problems seeing your new slideshow, it's a great idea.

  2. The slide show is there for me too.

  3. Beautiful slide show, no problem seeing it here.

  4. Hi everyone - thanks for the feedback on the slideshow. I'm glad you can see it OK.

  5. I love pulmonaria, I have one, did have too, but one mysteriously disappeared? I'll be putting mine on the blog sometime. Happy Easter Michelle. x

  6. Hi Louise - perhaps the slugs got yours too? I look forward to seeing your other one. Have a great Easter :)

  7. The slideshow worked fine for me.

    I love Pulmonaria, I grew lots in my previous garden, I brought some with me so I hope it will spread.

  8. Hi Starnitesky - spookily it's now working for me too. Hope your Pulmonaria's taken it's move OK...

  9. Pulmonarias are lovely spring doers and good ground cover too. I must be fortunate as the slugs have always turned their noses up at mine :)

  10. Anonymous - you're very lucky indeed, they're voracious around here!


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