Plot Views - sunshine at last


  1. VP ... looking very nice and GREEN ... I'm still looking at WHITE here girl ! I'm JEALOUS as usual ! LOL

  2. Wasn't it great to see the sunshine today.

  3. I'm pea green with envy! Your gardens look wonderful!

  4. Beautiful garden you have, wish we had some green grass

  5. Flighty - hello and thanks!

    Joy - Ah but I hear it's all going now?

    Debbi - thanks and it was today too!

    Starnitesky - it sure was. Let's hope we get some more.

    Nancy - thank you! I must go and have a look at yours in NS!

    Lilli and Nevada - hello again and thanks for the compliment!

  6. PS - Did you spot 1 of our garden helpers?


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