Our New Water Feature

The 2 inches of rain we had over the weekend has turned the gravel path from yesterday's Plot Views into a garden stream. The Lesser Celandines growing in the path (how did they get there?) don't seem to mind though.


  1. Love the new water feature VP .. and a bonus plant to set it off too !
    I had volunteer annuals pop up between patio stones the last two years .. I just let them be .. didn't have the heart to "clean my bricks ?" haha

  2. I Love volunteers. It's one of the joys of gardening. It really looks sweet there.

  3. It flooded our pond in the back garden too... Had to rush out and check there were no fish swimming around in in the lawn! lol ;)

  4. We always call our flood in the garden, which appears after heavy rain, our other water feature. Another job which needs sorting. x

  5. Joy and jane marie - hi! I love the north American term 'volunteer', sounds much better than 'weed'! I get plenty of 'volunteer' spuds up at the allotment!

    Paul & Melanie - oh no not again for you guys. That must be about the 3rd time in less than a year?

    Louise - I'm not sure what else we can do to sort the problem. We've got drainage installed already. Luckily the stream hasn't done much damage (touch wood) so far as we're on quite a severe slope.


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