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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Just How Long is a Week These Days?

On Breakfast News last Friday, Robert Winston managed to keep a straight face when he announced it's National Science Week for 10 days. I thought about blogging about it then, but as I've organised events to link in with this before, I was just pleased it was getting some national publicity for a change and chuckled to myself that even scientists seem to have problems with their maths.

However, I opened my local paper at the weekend to find our national tourist board has a similar problem with the space-time continuum. British Tourism Week started yesterday and continues until 18th March. Kennet District (west Wiltshire) has taken it a step further and extended their week out until March 22nd - nearly a fortnight by my calculations...


  1. It's my firm belief that the (rich) world has caught elephantiasis - especially when it comes to food portions. The icecream fillings in cones are bigger now than when I was a kid. Apparently even weeks can catch this syndrome...

  2. Hey, VP, the "How-long-is-a-week" problem exists on this side of the pond too. ;-)

    Last year Arbour Week had more than 7 days. Hmmm. I think I'll check to see how long it is this year.

  3. Rosengeranium - hello and too right, especially on the food front!

    Dirty knees - so how long is your 'week' this year?

  4. Well, there's that well known saying ' A week is a long time in politics' ! I like rosegeranium's theory .

    On the subject of time you might be interested in Earth Hour coming up on 29th March :

  5. Hi Anna,

    That looks like a good link. Thanks I'll look into it. It's also World Water Day that day...


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