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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

GBMD - Focus on the Horizon

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia - December 2003 (11 since 2005, the first one's now rubble)

I'm a non-gardening muse today, but I'm sure that doesn't matter. I had initially toyed with presenting Pam Ayres' I Wish I'd Looked After My Teeth after a particularly bad tussle at the dentist's yesterday which is still painful. However, he's assured me that I do look after my teeth rather well, so it's not really appropriate.

Instead I've chosen a song for you today. It's one of the ones we'll be rehearsing tonight for next Tuesday's Sing for Water concert. Unfortunately this particular song hasn't been on the radio as part of our regular broadcasts, so I can't reveal the wonderful sound of it - yet. However, I love the words of this particular song. It's very simple and the writer (Roxanne Smith) has managed to re-create the impression of waves with the way she's woven the music around them. But I think the words speak for themselves too and also chime with the more philosophical muse I've been lately. Our recent holiday proved how by removing ourselves from everyday life for a while, the important things become much clearer - as in the song's 'focusing on the horizon'. Now we've been 'carried back to the shore', both NAH and I are much more at peace.

I need to gaze out beyond the sea
To focus on the horizon
Let the water lift me up
And carry me to the shore

Let the waves, carry me (gonna)
Let the water, carry me (carry me to the)

I need to gaze out
To focus
Let the water
Carry me to the shore

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day
is bought to you by Carolyn Gail at Sweet Home & Garden Chicago.


  1. Lovely post VP, and you are right, stepping away from everything for a while can really help you work out that which realy matters.

    Love the lyrics too, I can hear them lapping on the shore.

  2. Beautiful post and photo, VP. Saw you over @ Carolyn's website. Happy Muse Day.~~Dee

  3. Your post, photo, and song are instantly calming. Perfect for a respite from the busy day.

  4. Zoe - yes it does and this song is a perfect reminder.

    Dee - welcome! Glad you came on by.

    Cindy - hellooo! I'm glad you found it peaceful. Thanks for your first time visit :)


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