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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Recycling Result :D

A while ago I wrote about how I'd found that Wiltshire was the only entire county in the country without any means to recycle Tetra Pak cartons. In shock at this finding, I wrote to both Tetra Pak and Wiltshire County Council at the time asking why this was the case. Today I'm pleased to report that the 10 Household Recycling Centres in the county are now taking these cartons. Just in time too - I was just about to post this little lot off to Tetra Pak. From now on I'll just need to put them in the specific bin for the purpose at the recycling centre when I take my other stuff up there :)

I hope my letters helped to make this difference. Next stop - getting them included in the house to house recycling collections like some of the more enlightened local authorities do.


  1. You must be well pleased! xx

  2. LOL!! Look at all that soup! We don't have these carton types very often. Only if we run out of milk and then use a UHT one from the back of the cupboard :^)

  3. RPF - :D

    Flighty - yes I am!

    Helena - this collection was built up over many months and was in a big cardboard box ready to post off to Tetra Pak. I'm so pleased I don't have to do it now :)

  4. Our council has only just recently accepted Tetropaks in our doorstep recycling. They are still as fussy as ever for some other items though. x

  5. TIMP - I think your council's 1 of the few to do so. I wish ours would. At least we can recycle them now...


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