It's New Year, So It's All Change

Whiskas haven't produced their usual cat calendar for 2009, so one family tradition dating back more than a quarter of a century has been replaced by my own version, starring guess who?

2009 has not only started with a new calendar, it also sees me waving goodbye to two valued friends. Sadly Typing on the Void is no more and I learnt last week The Garden Monkey has also gone. I'm pleased TOTV is reinvented as The Ethereal Monad, but I don't think there'll be a phoenix-like resurrection for GM. I know The Garden Monkey wasn't to everyone's taste, but for me no other blog has made me say to myself - why didn't I think of that? - so often, or have so many must-read articles and events, plus loads of fun and mayhem. I found GM so encouraging behind the scenes too, not only when I was putting my Open Garden together and I know a number of blogs wouldn't be in existence today either. I wish you well for the future, dear friend and you're always most welcome here.

Lots of people have posted about their New Year's Resolutions over the past few days: I won't be joining you as last year saw big changes for me, so I decided to write some New Life's Resolutions instead. These are more like guiding principles I'd like to live by and I'm happy to say they're still as relevant today. As I also have the tag Goals on my blog, it's meant I've been able to see I've made progress with each resolution during the year - phew!

That doesn't mean we're not experiencing change this year. At the back end of 2008, I was hoping to add this cottage to my New Life's Resolutions as a project that NAH and I would tackle together. This is the final reveal for the couple of Grand Designs posts I wrote here and here. Gorgeous isn't it? We didn't go for it in the end, though I'm hoping I've sown a seed in NAH's mind and we go for something similar in the next couple of years or so. I find that often has to be the way! However, we are embarking on an exciting project together as NAH has decided to return to work. We're now in the middle of setting up our own company so that he can do some consultancy work for the railway industry. As a result I now have the very grand titles of Company Secretary and Director. Friday saw me signing lots of forms and we also had our first Board meeting - without biscuits or cake, that'll have to change. My main duties will be NAH's sounding board and keeping the company's books, so there'll still be plenty of time for gardening and blogging I'm pleased to say!

Twenty five years ago we were in the middle of arranging our wedding, selling 2 houses (mine and his) and finding new jobs 250 miles away from where we lived in the north east at the time. NAH found employment first and moved down here in February. A couple of weeks later he phoned me in a state of extreme panic: We have a very important decision to make, he said, your CV's just arrived here and they're seriously considering inviting you to an interview. We need to decide whether we can stand working together as well as living together! We both agreed this would be a recipe for disaster. Ironic isn't it? Or perhaps we're just that bit more mature about each other nowadays. God forbid.

However, I've noticed some things never change. Last year, I blogged the first sighting of Hot Cross Buns in the shops on January 3rd. Guess what I saw in Sainbury's on Friday? Yep, one of our traditional treats and Easter's much later this year. Harrumph.


  1. Fascinating post. My wife was my Company Secretary before I retired and it can be a hassle particularly with the VAT people and useless Accountants so its no sinecure. I always get sad when a blog I like closes but I think they do have a natural life and one reason my blogs aren't personal is I thought I would just run out of things to say after a year or so (and I am quite a private person).

  2. Oh! I am sad about no more Garden Monkey.
    Congrats with the new consulting company - although no cake! that will have to change.

  3. Well, if you do decide to do Grand Designs, I hope it won't be that far away. And I think you can find an even nicer place than the cottage in the picture...perhaps with a bit of a slope in the garden You know you like slopoes.

  4. A lovely, reflective post. I like the photo of the cottage--I hope you get your wish for one.

  5. a pity about garden monkey-i had just discovered the site! hope it is a positive change ing gm's life! as for resolution's for 09, i get the feeling that there are many changes in the wind for me & mine, so all i'm interested in is learning to go with the changes & not fight them.

  6. Good luck to you both, I really hope that things go well.
    It's a year of change for us too - not quite sure yet which direction these changes will take us but I for one am feeling positive that all will work out for the best and like petoskystone I'll go with the flow.
    It looked a lovely cottage. I'm sure you can work on NAH. Feed him plenty of scrummy cake to soften him up.
    Lol x

  7. Interesting post as always VP! It looks like you're going to be busier than ever this year.
    It always sad when a blog you like goes.
    My only resolution is to try and be a bit greener than I am! xx

  8. Good luck with your new venture VP - glad to hear that you will still have time for gardening and blogging. Also pleased to see that Jess has become a star of the printed page :)

  9. Hermes - luckily we won't need to be registered for VAT. I also thought I'd run out of things to say - hah ;)

    Karen - I'm very sad. And yes, we have a most important action item from our meeting re cake :)

    TS - no it won't be far away and I'm sure you're right re finding a nicer place. And yes, I do like slopes!

    Susan - thank you. We probably will one day, it's just that like plants, things need time to take root with NAH

    Petoskystone - yes it is and I do hope so.

    Maggi - fingers crossed that your changes go well for you too.

    Flighty - yes, busy as ever! I must blog more efficiently during 2009 and not procrastinate so much so I can fit it all in ;)

    Anna - thanks. Skimble's a star too, but not for January.

  10. VP .. You have so much to your on going life story girl !
    It was like reading a short novel and I wanted it to go on further .. I know you will let us know what is going on eventually too though, right ?
    When I see certain dates .. back in time .. I connect where we were living "some where in Canada" or "those were the Holland years" funny what life turns out to be like, as from our "young expectations"
    Sounds like many more interesting things to come down the line still though ! : )
    Fingers crossed for you and hubby and the birthing of your company !
    Now what are you up to on Tuesday ?? LOL

  11. My children enraged me over Xmas by eating bagsful of those little Easter eggs which we used to put in the shredded wheat and chocolate birds' nests - one of them said they must have been on sale from last Easter, but I think that Tesco has absoLUTEly no idea of the seasons. As you say Harrumph


  12. Joy - thanks and by now you know :)

    Joanna - it makes me hopping mad - can we have our seasons back please? Harrumph!


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