How Advertising Works In Chippenham 3

  1. Spend several years locked in a controversial planning tussle to build on some land on the edge of Chippenham
  2. The company finally starts building and advertises the fact on major routes close by
  3. Amend these advertisements with your feelings on the subject
  4. Wait for a blogger with a camera to notice what's happening
  5. Et voila!
This is the third in an occasional series on the more unusual advertising seen around Chippenham. The last one was here and in turn links to the first one. If you like these you may also like to see what I said about Bath and Devizes. If this builds up into a more substantial body of work, I'll set up a label for them.

I have a couple more in the pipeline... ;)


  1. Morning VP

    You post reminds me of that guy a couple of years ago who put up various amusing fake signs

    clic here

    My favourite was the sign to 'Disappointing Ruins'.

  2. Well worth recording. And people wonder why their new houses get flooded.

  3. That is hilarious. Where do you find them!!! LOL

    Although I have seen very funny signs in greece when we sailed around it. Like 'this no a shower, it the toilet'.

    great post it made me smile, whilst I am wincing because the new doors are beeing fitted downstairs and I keep thinking he is going to break the glass!

    Have a great day!!!!!

  4. Ho, ho! Though I do feel a bit sorry for people who buy houses on flood plains without realising. Not everyone is clued up about these things.
    When you think of what the average householder has to disclose when selling their property, it seems outrageous that developers like this aren't compelled to spell out the risks to potential purchasers in letters six feet high.

  5. VP,

    I think you have a book in you (or in your archives)!

    Have a great weekend! Gail

  6. you can sell housing *without* notifying the buyer that it is a flood plain???? d--n! if the seller doesn't notify, the buyer will find out once insurance does a search. you have to have insurance when taking out a mortgage to protect the loan's asset. & federal flood insurance (when available) is $$, private flood insurance is $$$$.

  7. Arabella - that's an excellent link. NAH's suggested we get the book!

    Hermes - quite.

    SOL - just by wandering around Chippenham! Hope the new doors went in OK and you're enjoying the rest of your weekend!

    Susan - I'm glad there's people out there unafraid to say what they think ready for me to record it!

    Victoria - there's been loads of debate in the papers about this one. You'd think the name of the development would be a clue too wouldn't you? The current debates about the land being contaminated - I didn't link to the most recent article as the one I did link to had more on the history of the planning process.

    Gail - you've given me the germ of an idea, thank you!

    Petoskystone - the builders are saying it's debateable that the area floods, though a former homeowner nearby has cited (in the local newspaper letters page) a couple of times when her property did flood. As you say, the insurance will be affected - a lot of them have a question now about how far away your property is to watercourse (no matter how small it is) and if you're within 200 yards of one, the insurance premium shoots right up. The Environment Agency (EA) also publishes a flood map, so you can see how likely your property's location is to flood. Some comapnies use that information instead.

    We do have other land in Chippenham that's in the development plan which is firmly on the River Avon's foodplain (so even more vulnerable than the site shown in my photo) and the EA has said already they're opposed to this area being developed. We're due to have a council reorganisation in April, so we'll have to see whether this plan goes any further after then.

  8. Hmmm, I think things "work" more or less the same everywhere, unfortunately!

  9. Monica - I think you're right, but I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for further examples!


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