Book Offer - Recycle: The Essential Guide

If you want to know more about how recycling works here in the UK, or are simply needing guidance on where to start, then you need look no further than this recently updated guide published by Black Dog Publishing. It goes through each category of waste we generate, explains how the recycling process works for them and gives you practical tips on how you can reduce or reuse this kind of waste yourselves.

It also gives an insight of where we in the UK stand re our success (and failure) in dealing with our waste problem. There's also plenty of case studies of projects from all over the world where waste is being tackled in innovative ways. There's also some striking pictures: who would have thought that an empty plastic bottle could be turned into a sign for the top of a taxi for instance? There's also a great directory at the back of the book which gives details not only of where you can get lots more information about recycling, but also those companies who are using waste such as ringpulls in innovative ways to create designer objects of desire. This directory isn't just limited to the UK, there's a good global coverage of what's out there. It's these features all in one handy reference which elevate the book above the kind of information you could find out on your own.

I have a great offer for you courtesy of the publishers. Veg Plotting readers can get a massive 40% discount on the book's price which means you can buy the book for £11.97 + approx. £2.75 P&P. Even with postage this is well below the book's price on Amazon at the moment - hurrah! That's not all: the offer isn't limited to just UK readers. Anyone outside the UK can buy the book at this discount, but you'll need to discuss the price and postage costs for you directly with the publishers first.

Interested? Then email Jess at Blackdogonline dot com (revising the at and the dot to make the correct email address as usual*) quoting "Veg Plotting Offer" in the subject line and giving your delivery details and she'll arrange the rest with you directly.

I believe this book is of general interest to everyone and would also make an excellent reference book for school libraries or any community project with a project tackling waste at a local level.

Whilst we're on the subject of recycling, I recently received this infographic summarising how all of the UK's recycling gets tackled currently and there's also important news that our new government is seeking your views and ideas on what needs to be included in their proposed waste policy. You have until the 9th September to add your thoughts. I've already added my views on the need for end-to-end thinking for labelling and dealing with plastic waste: a development of what I said recently in this post.

* = you may be wondering why I don't publish the email address with the @ and . in place or use the mailto command so you can click on it and up pops the email box all ready for you to use. It's my understanding that certain automated bots look out for precisely this kind of thing and start spamming the email address. If I'm wrong in this assumption, do let me know and I'll change the text so it's simpler for you to start placing your order. If you'd like more information first, I have a List of Contents I can email to you: get in touch via vegplotting at gmail dot com :)


  1. Malvern's recycling has improved this year. They now take tetra packs and those margine and yoghurt pots that they didnt used to. We put everything recyclable, except glass, into one bag which is collected every week - fab and easy.

  2. PG - things are set to change here too as Wiltshire is set to get a unified collection system. It means that we'll have a fortnightly general rubbish collection instead of the weekly one we currently have, but the fortnightly recycling collection will be beefed up to include cardboard and plastic which can only be recycled at central depots and supermarkets at the moment. Tetrapak is currently only recyclable at the big depots :(

  3. excellent veepee, I think I'll get a copy on behalf of corsham transcoco. now can I place my order for anything else undercutting amazon???

  4. Lu - not at the moment I'm afraid, but you never know what might happen in the future.


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