A Dancing Flame

This little movie of a dancing flame in our garden is from NAH's annual curry night yesterday. We had 16 hungry people descend on us for the evening anxious to taste the 4 currys on offer plus starters of poppadoms, samosas and onion bajis. It's a regular event that NAH's been holding for over 15 years now and there's always a mix of old and new faces, some of whom have waited up to 3 years for the experience. Such is NAH's fame as a curry meister.

It's rather nice that quite a few of the people attending also come to see the garden, so I thought yesterday would be the ideal opportunity to debut the pair of garden torches I'd won in a competition over at Love Thy Space. So instead of the balmy summer evening I'd been envisaging, mother nature decided to give us a cool, windy one instead.

However, having placed the 2 torches in the upper terrace border by the kitchen patio doors, they served to entice people out into the garden and to stay there as they lent a lovely atmosphere to the evening. I even had to lend people various fleeces and sweaters so they could stay there. I haven't really got much in the way of garden lights and my previous attempts at lighting the evening (tea lights in jam jars) haven't created the necessary ambiance for people to stay outside when the going gets cool.

It was pretty windy when I took the film on my camera, so if you choose to run the above clip you'll see that the stiff breeze didn't manage to blow out the flame. I was a bit concerned when I received the torches that there weren't any instructions with them, but they turned out to be a doddle to set up. I used lamp oil with added citronella, so we had the added bonus of no insects buzzing around us for the evening. The oil reservoir is sufficient to keep the torch burning for around 3 hours.

I'll certainly be using them again whenever there's a nice evening to sit out in the garden, even if it's just for me.


  1. glad your evening turned out well. that is a lovely little torch--elegant & inviting! yea! you have a youtube channel now ;)

  2. Looks good and sounds easy! If only we had a summer's evening I might have a go!

  3. Petoskystone - I didn't know that!

    Elizabethm - luckily we've had a few here :)


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