How Advertising Works in Chippenham #20

  1. Sign up a well known gardening personality to your DIY stores' advertising campaign
  2. Get the marketeers to design lots of different posters, cardboard cutouts etc
  3. Make sure every store has a wide selection of them all
  4. Wait for a blogger with a camera to notice that the very small garden centre area with Mr Titchmarsh popping up every couple of yards or so (not to mention the tannoyed exhortation from him to Let's Get Gardening!) makes her feel like she's being stalked
  5. Et voila!

I'm wondering if every store gets the same amount of display material irrespective of size, so what works in the large superstore of Poole say (note to self: must check the next time we're there) seems a little claustrophobic in the intimacy of smaller stores like Chippenham. I also like the special touch in the picture's foreground, where what Alan is passionate about is obscured by the box ball, so you can supply your own word. My feeling of being stalked was further heightened as I received a press release about Mr Titchmarsh about half an hour after I'd returned home with this photograph.


  1. Same up here - and his eyes follow you all round the section in which you can't find what you're looking for.

  2. alan titchmarsh is still alive? i like the little pot-sign myself...

  3. LOL! You should have stood next to it, had someone take a shot and pretended that you actually met him.

  4. Rachel - I forgot to mention the wandering eyes effect, thanks for the reminder!

    Petoskystone - he's very much alive, well he was when I saw him at RHS Hampton Court Show last month!

    MMD - believe it or not, ladies of a certain disposition have been doing just that!

    NB @RobStacewicz has suggested that Alan is saying I'm passionate about getting Britain gargling ;)


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