Out on the Streets: August 2010

It's August, which means it's time for our summer edition of Out on the Streets! The above picture is another from my recent singing holiday in Litomysl in the Czech Republic. It's a rather simple but pleasing arrangement I found at the local Lido (outdoor swimming pool) adorning the outside walls of the changing cabins. Window boxes on ice cream toned walls with arrangements of one or two plants in abundance were a notable feature of the town and were a welcome addition wherever I saw them.

I also have a promised post about the wonderful monastery gardens there and I'll try and find time to squeeze in a lot more about what I found during my short stay in the Czech Republic. I also have an update on Chippenham's trees on the High Street and who knows what else I might find this month?

Now it's over to you: how is summer looking in your part of the world or on holiday? Good, bad or indifferent, I'd love to know. Helen and Monica have already been busy and given me an OOTS contribution ahead of this post, so Mr Linky below already has their articles for you to view ahead of you adding your own :)

As usual, I'll put up a picture link in the right hand sidebar for you to find your way back here easily to add your own link when you're ready, or for you to see what everyone has come up with this month. So see you soon, Out on the Streets!

Update: What impeccable timing! Tonight (2nd August) at 9pm BBC4 is showing Britain's Park Story with Dan Cruikshank exploring the history of our open spaces. The link shows a number of further broadcast times this week if you've missed it. A cracking start to OOTS this month methinks :)

NB to new readers using Mr Linky: This is a regularly held blogging meme where the idea is for you to write an OOTS post on your blog and to link to it here via Mr Linky, NOT to just provide a link to your blog as a form of advertising. I'll be removing these as soon as I find your 'contribution'. A couple have gone already, so you have been warned!


  1. Love that particular shade of green with the red geraniums!

  2. Thanks for adding my link for me! The bike racks look a little like they'd eat my bike tires, but I love the colors of the wall and flowers!

  3. I must add OOT to my calendar; it's so much fun to go out and about! How delightful that your choral group took you to the Czech Republic for a sweet OOTS! gail

  4. Oooo ooo it's OOTs again. Must go to M&S to take that pic I was telling you about.

    Love those geraniums too :D

  5. Helen - thank you for your contributions :)

    Monica - no problem, thanks for showing us Chicago!

    Gail - oooh I'd love to see some OOTS from your part of tennessee!

    CG - please do - soooon :)

  6. What a cool meme! Thanks so much. I must admit I'm always looking around for interesting plantings in industrial and commercial settings, I just don't usually bring my camera. This will have to change!

    (Love the parking lot plantings, especially the monarchs)

  7. Town Mouse - glad you like it here :)

    There's plenty of time for you to grab that camera - OOTS is available during the whole of August. It would be great to have you join in :)

  8. got there at last - it wasn't quite as sparkly as when they'd just installed it but the trolley park is there for all to see on my latest post. Hope you like it as much as I did :D

  9. Thanks CG - that was definitely worth waiting for :)

  10. Have posted for OOTS VP but for some reason I am unable to insert my link - using a notebook at the moment which will not let me paste:( Maybe it's just as well as it is not a pleasant sight.

  11. This is a great meme idea. I TownMouse's post. I like the idea of gardeners paying more attention to the public plantings around us. Recently, I've been enjoying some new rain gardens that the city has installed on the commercial street near my house. My post is at the link. Thanks for hosting.

  12. Anna and Ryan - thanks for your contributions :)

    And Ryan - welcome to Veg Plotting!


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