First Apple Harvest

The first apple harvest of the year is always a cause for celebration at VP gardens and here's the first of this year's crop. These are Discovery, one of the earliest of apples which is a cross between Worcester Permain and possibly Beauty of Bath according to the wonderful The New Book of Apples. It's a double cause for celebration because last year the wasps got to the apples before I did and I lost the entire [small] harvest.

I love how the red of the skin permeates into the flesh, giving it a glowing pink colour. It tastes pretty good too: a crisp juicy apple with a hint of strawberry which is best picked and eaten off the tree. Worcester Permain is one of the apples of my childhood as it was the local apple to where my cousins lived in Worcestershire and Beauty of Bath originated a mere 10 miles from here, so for me this apple is an apt marriage between childhood memories and today's living.

That's not the entire harvest BTW, NAH just picked enough for immediate consumption today. There's plenty more to come :)


  1. lovely pic. I love the Discoverys really fresh - not worth eating raw after a few days, I think. There are Worcester Pearmains in our garden - come and get some when they're ready!

  2. such lovely color! next month the local orchards should be opening here.

  3. Lu - I believe their keeping qualities are a week or less, hence they're best eaten off the tree.

    Petoskystone - they'll be doing that here too, then in October it's apple day :)


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