GBMD: What Has Happened to Summer?

What has happened to summer,
That's what I want to know.
Is she on a vacation -
Who knows where did she go?
Tell, what was she wearing;
A zephyr breeze and rosebud
Or grass and wild berry?
Could she be honeymooning
With spring or early fall
Or has she gone so far away
She'll not return at all?

Dorothy Ardelle Merriam, One July Summer

For the past few weeks I've been joking we seem to be having the longest spring ever. I had snowdrops in December and now we go into July with my Allium christophii still in full bloom. Usually by now they're well on their way to the seedhead stage.

BTW NAH announced last week he really likes these flowers because they look almost alien in the border. My jaw dropped as I think this must be a first: NAH saying he particularly likes a flower. I'd better find a favourite steam train fast ;)

We've had the wettest (and probably gloomiest) 3 months on record, with more set to come. When I went to Capel Manor a couple of weeks ago, they reckoned our season is 4-5 weeks behind now. Therefore, my chosen poem for Muse Day seems pretty appropriate :/

How's your summer?


  1. The weather up here has been awful. The only bit of "Flaming June" we've had is the fire still being lit on most days. As I type this the wind and rain are lashing against the window. One thing that seems to have enjoyed the wet, cool weather are the wild roses, the lanes are filled with them this year. Other than that everything is looking sad and wet. :/

  2. Our summer is just the opposite of yours. High summer is here already! We've already had out first heat wave. It was so nasty this spring that the mugginess & heat overtook my little seedlings & they molded & died before I could get them in the ground (thanks to a slacking soninlaw). I'll trade your weather for mine, on a permanent basis!

  3. As you now know it's been the coldest, dullest and wettest June on record.
    Fingers crossed for a nice late summer and good autumn! Flighty xx

  4. "Bleah" describes the weather in Seattle this "summer". It was been raining and cold most day and on the rare day is isn't raining it is overcast and humid. The only plants doing well in my garden are the weeds. I keep weeding the same few places over and over again because the weather is never nice enough, long enough to move on to another area. We joke here that summer doesn't come until 5th July, but I not sure it will even do that this year. So, much for my poor tomotoes :-(

  5. I noticed the other day horse mushrooms growing in profusion in fields near us. These mushrooms typically appear at the start of autumn (end Aug). Perhaps we have missed the summer completely & have gone directly from spring into autumn

  6. The only upside to the weather is that garden borders are unusually luxurious and flowers are lasting longer. That is not enough compensation - I want a summer!

  7. Eek the gulf stream effect!! Soooooo rainy! We're visiting Upton Wold this afternoon - as long as there isn't another deluge!

  8. My summer - what? I think I'm heading towards autumn, but without any crop of beans or courgettes. Everything is either sulking, mouldy or has been eaten by The Great Slug Invasion...

  9. Cette photo est magnifique. L'été sera peut-être source de bonnes surprises. Bonne journée.


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