Win a Fruit Tree and Yummy Goodies!

Regular readers know I'm a big fan of fruit trees and orchards, so I have great pleasure in hosting a giveaway for you to win your very own fruit tree plus a bag of yummy Yeo Valley goodies :)

Today Yeo Valley are launching one of their limited edition yoghurt flavours, Damson and Plum. Therefore, it's sensible that one of the trees on offer is a Victoria plum. If that doesn't float your boat, then a delicious Conference pear or a Discovery apple are the other options for you to choose from, subject to availability.

The tree (a young whip), plus the bag of Yeo Valley goodies is worth a total of £48, so it's a nice prize to welcome in the summer. Even if you don't have room for the tree in your garden, do enter and consider donating the tree to your local community orchard/garden or school. You'll still have all those goodies to scoff!

All you need to do is leave a comment below to enter. If you tweet a link to this post or RT my link, that'll double your chances of winning. The closing date is midnight, Sunday, 12th August. Comments and tweets will be allocated a number corresponding with order of entry and then I'll use a random number generator to determine the winner. Good luck!

Note: this giveaway is open to UK residents only.The tree will be delivered in December as this is the best time for fruit tree planting. You can also increase your chances by buying the Damson and Plum yoghurt and checking whether you have a winning pot on the Yeo Valley website. If you have an ice cream maker, I can recommend churning a pot to make delicious ice cream - a nice treat for this spell of warmer weather :)

You may also like to check out my Easy Recipe Finder page, where you'll find lots of tempting ideas for what to do with all that fruit.

NB The picture used for this post is courtesy and copyright of Yeo Valley.


  1. Looks yummy - I shall be off to the shop! What a good idea about using the yoghurt to make ice-cream.

  2. What a fantastic give away. We've just got a new allotment and would love to plant some fruit trees there. The yoghurt looks really yummy!

  3. We've got a Victoria but I'd love a Discovery for the early season. I guess they will be delayed this year though.

  4. Marancat - try the coconut yoghurt as an ice cream too - it's my favourite!

    Margaret - I have fruit trees on my allotment. I think they're a Very Good Thing.

    Lu - I have a Discovery on the allotment. I love the red colour in the flesh of the fruit - one of the best early eating apples in my opinion :)

  5. Oooh looks yum. I 'm in , please :-)

  6. Compostwoman - with that RT you're in x 2 :)

  7. I do like their yoghurt and will definitely be trying this flavour!

  8. Count me in, I love fruit and love trees, can't beat growing your own fruit :)

  9. I love that brand of yoghurt sooo yummy and I always wanted to have a fruit tree which I think would be a marvellous addition to the back garden

  10. Hello, I think a victoria plum tree would be lovely in my small garden. It would keep my opal plum tree company.

  11. ooh yum yes please, count me in. I was going to treat myself to a Victoria plum this winter but this will do nicely (as will the yoghurt!)

  12. I too have a new allotment, so a fruit tree would be perfect.

  13. Dobby - I'm a big fan too - have been for years :)

    plugwoodward - growing fruit's an absolute fave of mine too - I'm just about to order some more strawberries for the plot :)

    Grace Lavender, awholeplotoflove and Claire - welcome and good luck!

    TCG - sadly my Victoria plum and damson tree are in the half of my plot which I gave up last year. I must get a replacement

  14. Discovery is my apple-mad youngest daughter's favourite apple (mostly because it means it's apple season again, I suspect. That and the pink underneath the red part of the skin!)

    But then, Victoria plum...

    I love the coconut yogurt, must try it as ice cream, thanks for the tip.

  15. I already have an opal plum tree but yes I would love to win the victoria one, thanks.

  16. I see I am catching up with your blog in good time!

    Mind you, I don't know where I'll be in December, but we are hoping to have fruit trees in our new garden when we eventually get one ...

  17. useful blogs for all things in my allotment. A plum tree would also be a fantastic addition. Laura

  18. Hazel - I love the 'perfumed' red flesh of Discovery apples )

    Lova and Laura - welcome and good luck!

    Juliet - hope the search for your new home is bearing fruit (pardon the pun!)


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