Let the Games Begin!

Part of the floral Olympic rings display at Kew Gardens in May. I believe the early pansies shown have now been replaced for the summer
I love the Olympics. There, I've confessed it. NAH said I was jumping up and down with excitement like it was my birthday yesterday. Every little bit I've been involved in this year - seeing the floral rings at Kew in early May, the Illuminate Bath display at the start of the year, the torch relay coming through Chippenham and merrily ringing in the Games using our doorbell at 08:12 yesterday morning have all served to build my excitement.

Why do I love it so? I love the idea of nations coming together in celebration. This was done so perfectly in last night's wonderful opening ceremony with the 'copper petals' seen with each country marching into the Olympic stadium then uniting to form the Olympic flame.

I love that 'my' sport - swimming - for once takes centre stage, as does cycling in which my cousins competed at national level. NAH and I will have the TV on in the background throughout the Games, so we can cheer at the TV whenever the moment takes us.

I've been lucky to have had contact with one of Team GB's swimmers this year as part of my part time work. So today I'll be cheering Michael Jamieson on in the 100m breaststroke, the first of his events. Next month we're off to the Paralympics to cheer on Stephanie Millward who NAH used to train with. She has serious chances of gold :)

NAH was in London on Wednesday and said the place was buzzing. When he arrived back in Chippenham at midnight, an Olympics volunteer got off the train at the same time. To anyone who says the Olympics is too London centric, the fact that someone is prepared to commute 100 miles to volunteer in the games tells me differently. As does the estimated 14 million people around the UK who turned out - often in the pouring rain - to see the torch relay.

So, here's a warm welcome to everyone who's come to join our Olympic celebration - spectators, athletes and tourists alike. Let the Games begin and come on Team GB!


  1. I love the Olympics too and we are glued to the TV or computer to watch...wonderful opening!!

  2. I didn't get to see the whole ceremony last night, but what I did see was fantastic! I love the image of all the athletes from different countries coming into the stadium--the one time every four years that people put aside their political differences and have a common goal. Looking forward to watching as much as possible during the Games. The UK put on a great show!

  3. what a spectacle - and I loved the reference to gardens throughout the night's events. Is it just me - or was that remarkable earthen mound, sculpted with pathways and spangled with wildflowers and clover not CRAZY-GOOD!? And yes - the joining of nations is the very best part~

    Good luck and gold to all

  4. It's nice for Olympics to feature gardens.....!!

  5. I am not much in to sport but the Olympics have something for everyone. I sat glued to the TV yesterday evening, and living only 3 miles from the Olympic park I could hear the fireworks when I turned off the sound for a few seconds! The opening ceremony was amazing and so different from all previous one, I was giggling one minute and welling up the next. Just amazing.

  6. Loving the Olympics so far - I too am a swimming fan (comes with being Australian I guess....) and got up at 4:30am to watch the finals, I may be very tired indeed by the end of the week....

  7. Another fan here - glued to the opening ceremony throughout and no doubt will be viewing regularly. So pleased that this time round we will not have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch live events :)

  8. We have it on around the clock down here in Texas!

    With 4 new babies in the house and round the clock feeds - we're not missing much!!

  9. I'm loving that Lorene noticed the grassy mound! You know there are still swimming tickets available? http://www.tickets.london2012.com/browse

  10. Donna - it was fab :)

    Rose - I've just found out that the countries get their copper petal as a gift after the Games. A really nice touch.

    Lorene - it was wonderful! I'm looking forward to going to the Olympic Park next month - the biggest public park created in Europe in over a century. Plenty of garden related interest to come!

    Bangchik and Kakdah - I've been to 2 talks about the planting at the Olympic Park. Can't wait to see it for real!

    Helene - I had exactly the same reaction. No doubt you'll be turning the sound down during the Closing Ceremony to hear the fireworks again :)

    Liz - I loved swimming in all the local pools when we visited Australia in 2003. We've had a taste of Lane 4 and the podium at the Sydney Aquatic Centre!

    Anna - we're glued too :)

    Linda - that's great to hear as we were the same during the Atlanta games!

    Victoria - they weren't there on Saturday! *rushes off to have a look*


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