A Very Special Blogaversary

Meeting Michael Jamieson, our top Olympic swimmer from London 2012
Veg Plotting reached the grand age of 5 yesterday. I usually mark the day itself, but instead I left the 52 Week Salad Challenge to trundle along in its usual Friday slot and went out to party.

For almost a year now I've been looking after Smiths News' Dispatches blog, which is all about the company's charity fundraising events. Yesterday also marked my 200th post for them and it has been an absolute pleasure to write and bask in their glow of raising over £100,000 for good causes.

They'd also decided November 2nd is a day of celebration by holding their 2012 Community Week Awards and I got invited along. It was great to meet so many people whose stories I'd blogged about. They were already familiar faces and were most welcoming once I'd explained I was the mysterious smithsnews from Dispatches.

Smiths News also supported Michael Jamieson this year in his quest to become an Olympian. He's the son of one of the members of staff, so it was a natural step for the company to get behind his efforts. I've followed Michael's progress this year from before the Olympic trials in March, through his amazing performance at the Olympics, then getting back into training to start working towards his next set of goals. Today he's back into the swing of competition again in Sheffield and will see what shape he's in post Olympics :)

As an ex-competitive swimmer it's been a treat to take Michael's guest blog posts and add my excitement to his progress. As you can see, Michael was guest of honour at yesterday's event and it was wonderful to meet him :D

When I started Veg Plotting on that very wet and dreary November day, I never dreamt where it would take me. It's thanks to your comments and encouragement that I'm still here 5 years later blogging away. Thank you.


  1. Brilliant! So pleased you had a nice day to celebrate and congratulations on FIVE years of blogging here AND a year of posts for Dispatches. 200 in a year? You put me to shame with your prolific output! Well done! xx

  2. Happy Birthday VP. One of my blogging inspirations!

  3. Congratulations on five years blogging and 200 posts for Dispatches. It's amazing you find time to garden as well!
    I have to mention that you look very smart in the photo. Remember that I have only every seen you in jeans and sweatshirts!!

  4. Many, many congratulations on reaching such an auspicious milestone VP! May Veg Plotting continue to flourish and bloom. A big thank you to you for all the excellent information you share with your readers.

  5. Congratulations on five years! I've enjoyed reading your blog and also meeting you in person.

  6. Happy fifth anniversary. So glad it's worked out so engaging - both for you and for your readers.

  7. Happy Birthday, I've only been reading for one of the five years but what I have read I've really enjoyed so thankyou!

  8. Thanks for your good wishes everyone, much appreciated :)

    Dobby - it's a very rare event!

  9. Karen - I didn't have any lippy on though ;)


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