The Wonderful World of Tweeted Salads

Tweeted salads have been a welcome surprise from issuing the 52 Week Salad Challenge this year. I've been favoriting them madly so I could bring you a selection of the most recent ones. Many of the tweets also have pictures showing off the final results, so Twitter has been a great source of ideas :)

Saladchatterer @monicashaw deserves a special credit as she tweets a salad pretty regularly.

I have lots more of these to share - I just need time and to work out a way of documenting them more effectively. It'd be great to use (and credit) some of the photos, and re-create the ideas myself.

Another project for the winter methinks :)


  1. It was also great to meet up with Charles Dowding again yesterday at the Garden Media Guild Awards and exchange notes over this year's salad harvest and our results with biochar :)

    I also saw Jane Perrone and warned her she'd be featuring today!

    The many simple ideas, interesting combinations and photos shared via Twitter have really helped to keep the Challenge inspiration fresh this year :)

  2. I love knowing that I will have your archive of salad challenge posts to help me through next year as I try to maximise the months that I have salads growing. The few salad leaves I sowed in the funny half circle bed have done really well, so I think with a little protection and forward planning I could find I can do a lot of growing outside. Crazy maritime climate...

  3. Janet - I think you'll do well where you are. The Salad Challenge will progress into 2013 as well as being a great archive :)


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