GBBD: Sunshine After Rain

Early June mornings are made for dew and bare feet. I got a little more than I'd bargained for today as it rained overnight, but to be up early with the sunshine slicing through the garden made everything seem fresh and clean. The chores can wait. It's time to enjoy the moment.

One of my favourite moments in the garden is when the Allium christophii start to flower. They have an other-world quality about them; the kind of flower I imagine would be quite at home in a John Wyndham novel. Luckily they're quite at home in my garden too and I have a self-sown 'river' of them in the large terrace border. I really should think about editing them soon.

The chores can wait. It's time to enjoy the moment :)

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. What a lovely bloom. They must look fantastic in a huge drift.

  2. Haha VP… enjoy! I’d definitely agree with you on that normally. However today just has to be a day for the garden to wait - well almost, I’ve just been out collecting blooming photos ;-)

    My bloom day post will also need to wait (too many photos to choose from). Hahaa… today I have to set about weeding inside the house! That’s okay, I can do some while watching out the window ;-)

    I adore Christophii althnough but lost mine, no self-seeding with that one here (going green). I’ve got others though and my avatar tells you this is one of my fav plants. Happy GBBD :-D

  3. I agree. We need to enjoy more moments in all of our gardens. Hopefully, bloom day encourages that. Thanks for joining in!

  4. I agree too...enjoy the garden before the chores....lovely allium and I have loads of them too!

  5. Beautiful photo!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. You are ahead of us in Devon then. my Christophii are only just about to open, no colour yet though. Enjoy the rest of the day, me, I'm dodging the heavy showers!

  7. Oh what a lovely sight VP and the rain just intensifies their almost metallic sheen. Just on the point of opening here and every year I think that I must get more.

  8. I never had luck with alliums. I am inspired to try again.

  9. What a stunning photo. The colour is sensational. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  10. Terrific picture. Rain drops always seem to add a touch of magic to photos of flowers. Flighty xx

  11. Hi everyone - thanks for all your positive comments about the photo - these alliums really take the picture themselves as they're so photogenic. They're easy to grow too, so I urge those of you hankering, to go and get some!

    Shirl - I'm very lazy about clearing the seed heads, hence the self seeding. However, in your case I reckon the birds may enjoy them too.

    Bernie H - welcome and thanks for visiting :)

  12. I've got allium seedlings all over the place though this particular one doesn't seem to have made it through the last winter. Alliums can be very fussy growers up here in Scotland... but oh the thought of a sea of alliums sounds wonderful!

    BTW I think I enjoy 'the moment' far too much :) VP

  13. Beautiful photo, VP! My allium have never re-seeded, but I certainly have some other plants that have. Some major editing needs to be done here, too, but you're so right--some times we need to stop and just enjoy instead of thinking of the work that needs to be done.

  14. Isn't that a beauty.. how I wish I could find a way of making bulbs less attractive to mice.

  15. Lovely photo. The alliums have been particularly good this year, haven't they? I put it down to last year's weather.

  16. Must, must,must grow more alliums - I love them! Beautiful photo too....could we have one of your allium river please?

  17. Rosie - I'm very good at enjoying the moment too :)

    Rusty Duck - I'm not sure if mice are partial to alliums because of their onion smell.

    Helen - you're probably right. Alliums have rescued many a garden this year methinks.

    NG - I'll see what I can do...

  18. Rose - hope you're enjoying the moment :) Except you're asleep whilst I'm writing this - sweet dreams!


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