GBMD: Light is the Task...

Light is the task where many share the toil

Not only was I impressed with the skills of the 2 young lads who built this show garden for this year's Malvern Spring Show, I also loved their choice of a quotation attributed to Homer. It's meaningful for life in general, not just for the making of a garden.


  1. I must have woken in a strangely cynical mood for my first thought is 'It depends who the many are'. Grump. Grump. Perhaps I should go back to sleep!

  2. It's a lovely garden and a nice quote, although it makes me wish there was someone to share the toil! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Esther - well, everyone's messages of good will really helped my tasks with my mum last week, so I must have got the good part of the many :)

    CJ - I agree - sadly NAH is still NAH ;)

  4. "Lovely garden indeed."

    Unarguably true..

    1. Donna and murrayphillip - it was one of my highlights of the show.

  5. And a nice comment from 'Alex', who seems to have a different identity when commenting elsewhere:

    These young lads are not only creative and hardworking, but also intelligent and well read! Beautiful garden and very appropriate quote.


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