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Many thanks to all of you who've decided to continue to subscribe to Veg Plotting in the lead up to Google Reader's demise early next week (1st July). From my stats I see Bloglovin', Feedly and The Old Reader are the most popular options you've chosen going forward.

In addition to these, anyone who blogs using Blogger or WordPress and just wants a simple reader would do well to consider their provider's Follow facility. Both WordPress and Blogger allow the URLs from other blog providers to be copied into their Follow function, so it isn't solely for blogs registered with the same provider. I've decided that this is the way forward for me and I've consolidated the various readers I've been using into one humongous list.

I've also taken a copy of my Google Reader subscriptions just in case I want to move to something more sophisticated, or if the rumour re the demise of Google Friend Connect (used for Blogger's in-blog reader facility) actually happens. This can be done easily and quickly via Google Takeout. Even if you've moved to another reader already, it's worth taking a copy of your Google Reader subscription just in case you find you don't like your new reader's home.

I've also added the feed registration links for most of the popular reader services towards the top of my left sidebar so that there's a wide range of reader options for everyone going forward. As well as Bloglovin', Feedly and The Old Reader, the RSS option gives access to other popular services such as Netvibes, Bloglines and MyYahoo. There's also the email subscription option if that's how you prefer Veg Plotting served to you.

The only option I haven't got to grips with is one(s) suitable for Mac users. I hear Reeder is a good option, though I'm not certain how it's going to work going forward (it is/was dependent on a Google Reader subscription). Oh and Google+ continues to be a mystery to me, so I'd love to see any advice you have on how blog subscriptions works with this.

If you haven't moved elsewhere already, it may seem like there's still plenty of time to migrate away from Google Reader. However, I'm sure there'll be a major panic at the weekend when many people try to do it right at the last minute. Perhaps the time to do yours is now?

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  1. I'm a Mac user and follow you at Bloglovin' with no problems at all. I've claimed my site there and have the follow button at the bottom of my first page (probably in other places too) You can actually follow a blog at Bloglovin' even if it hasn't been claimed by the owner. When I went there I already had some followers before claiming my blog, and they were just added to the list.

    1. I should of added that I follow you at Blotanical as well.

    2. Hi Linda - thanks for the info. I haven't claimed my blog at Bloglovin' ;o

      I've decided not to go with the Follow button as I want to reduce the number of images on my blog. I've decided to go with a link version instead because it means I can offer more options for people in a smaller space which hopefully match their chosen new reader.

      I've moved over my Blotanical reading list into my blog, so I see you there instead. I do go in there occasionally just to see what's happening and to find new blogs, but I go into my blog almost every day so it makes sense to do my reading from there.

    3. I actually prefer my own link list because as soon as a blog is updated it pops to the top of my list. Then I don't have to click from site to site to find things.
      It all comes down to preference ... people will choose the way they prefer to follow someone and will find you regardless of how many places you join. So giving them options is a great idea.
      I do agree with making sites easier to load by using links, but so many people are visual and prefer seeing a small button link which doesn't really take up that much space/bandwith.
      Blotanical has slowed right down, but there is some work going on in the background so hopefully in the near future there will be some noticeable improvements. It was always a great place to discover other garden bloggers.

    4. Yes, I often start with the link list too :)

      I swithered for a very long time re visual buttons vs links, but have had quite a few people sign up via the link I had for email subscriptions. At some point I'll probably go with buttons for each option too, but have yet to find a set covering things like Feedly and I don't have time to make my own at the moment. Even if I did find a set I'm a bit wary of freebie downloads 'cos you never know what else comes with them. It's another project lined up on the To Do list for the darker days...

  2. Useful blog VP - I've been doing a gradual move over. I really need to get a move on and do the rest. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. You're welcome - at least you've found the reader you want and have started. Great stuff :)

  3. Google Plus is for conversation. I have found a few new blogs there, but it isn't a subscription service, or a way to follow blogs.

    I use Feedly, and they now provide a choice of buttons, and even the option to tweak your own version.

    1. Thanks Diana - that was the conclusion I was coming around to. I just got a bit confused because quite a few people are displaying the Google+ badge which looks very similar to the Google Friend Connect one.

    2. (got a shiny new G+ badge yesterday)

  4. I use Reeder and they are going to use the Feedly 'Normandy' Reader clone API going forward

    1. Hello and welcome :) Thanks for the information - useful to know.

  5. Although I blog there I've never used the Wordpress reader much and usually follow other blogs via my unused Blogger blog! However I have been using Bloglovin the past couple of weeks, found it easy to use and like the daily email list of new posts. Flighty xx

    1. I've used another blog to follow posts too! This whole reader thing was just the spur I needed to consolidate lots of different sources of my favourites.

      Bloglovin' is proving to be most popular - amongst bloggers at least.


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