Shed's Up

What better way to mark National Shed Week than to have a new shed appear on the allotment? As I suspected in Monday's post, the 'shed in bits' is now complete. George (the proud owner who didn't want to appear on here) was round the back when I took this photo this morning, painting his shed a natty shade of Lincoln Green. In the best of allotment traditions, the inside is already full of stuff. The shed went up on Tuesday and was a prime example of allotmenteers helping each other out. Russell turned up complete with the tools to complete the job and it was lovely to hear their team work and banter going on all morning. There was a tricky moment however, they'd got the base down and three sides up, only to realise the fourth side was too small. A quick visit to the DIY store and George returned with a classic 'two for the price of one'. The remaining right sized sides were both broken, so they had to make one good side out of the two before being able to complete the job. Just in time too - it poured with rain on Wednesday!

I must also congratulate Simon - his pallet shed's runner-up in the Shed of the Year competition. I still think his is the best one - it took a 'pub shed' to beat him to the title. Simon's not deterred (in fact he seems pretty chuffed) and is already thinking about next year...


  1. A shed is the one thing missing from our plot that I always wanted. We're not allowed any 'perminant structures' on our site which apparently included things like sheds and greenhouses although doesn't include things like fruit tunnels etc which to my mind are just as 'perminant' as a shed... mumble... moan... mumble... ;)

  2. That's mighty fine looking shed! If I ever build my compost bin, I'll have to think about a shed too.

  3. Isnt it wonderful when people cooperate and a community helps individuals with in it. Great looking shed too, a fine tribute to Shed Week!

  4. I was disappointed that the pub shed won it as it looks like a garden gin palace! Real sheds aren't like that are they? xx

  5. Paul & Melanie - I'm constantly amazed how the 'rules' differ across allotments. What's the reason behind that - it seems daft. I suppose you could get a polytunnel and use it as a shed?

  6. TS - do you need a hand with your bin build?

    Zoe - yes it is. That's what I like about allotments.

    Flighty - I think they nobbled the judges by plying them with drinks! ;)


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