Plot Views - In Which Jess Approves the New Seed Bed


  1. We have a cat in a seed tray at present.

    It's not growing any faster than the rocket seeds which didn't come up in it.



  2. It is amazing how much Jess looks like our Tisha. Their choice in beds is also similar.

  3. Not sure what Jess is up to in the seed bed, just sitting there I hope? I do love your cat(s). The plot looks amazing, and if I had one, this is how I would like mine to look. x

  4. I just love the garden and btw have an identical cat...who also likes to sleep in garden tubs and planters...he thinks he's a flower, we call him Petal

  5. I've known lots of cats who would do exactly the same as Jess!

  6. Isn't that typical! you spend all that time raking and digging getting the soil just right to plant seeds.. and a cat sits on it! cute photo!

  7. Love the pics of your plot, it's looking great and I'm very glad that Jess gave her stamp of approval for the new seed bed. So important that. ;-)

  8. Oooh can you grow one for me?!

  9. A cat can't resist a patch of carefully prepared soil - particularly if it's in the sun. An open newspaper on a table is a close second!

  10. Lucy - Jess is growing though. According to the vet yesterday our little scrap's now a half kilo overweight. Shome mishtake shurely?

    Deb - Tee hee. Must look out for your Tisha!

    TIMP - that's so nice of you to say Louise thank you! xx

    Sandi - that's made me laugh...

    Flighty - yes, but it still makes them endearing when they do it!

    Matron - thanks. It made me giggle when she did it - you can't be angry with her even after all that hard work :)

    Yolanda - I knew you would approve. I'm sure the Bliss Team do the same thing sometimes?

    Suburbia - we also do Tabby...

    EG - Ah bottom scanning the newspaper. Cats are so talented aren't they? ;)

  11. This looks lovely. Ahhhhh JESS! I want to snuggle Jess and sniff her toes. Are they cheesy? Are they? Ah go on, humour me. Are they? I bet they are.

  12. Ahhh yes, cheesy toes they are Helena.

    Skimbles a foot fetishist too ;)


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