A big Veg Plotting and Chippenham welcome to those of you who've joined me from Gardeners'! Do come in, settle down and have a good read. If you need a little orientation, my New Reader links in the sidebar should help you get started. Be prepared for my wittering on about any topic I find interesting, but rest assured there are large healthy helpings of gardening and allotmenteering to make you feel right at home.

Many thanks to James Alexander Sinclair for his piece on Gardening Blogs of the World posted on his blog at Gardeners' and featuring Veg Plotting so prominently. There's plenty of other interesting blogs mentioned there for you to discover, if you haven't done so already. And do check out his other blog, Blogging from Blackpitts Garden for an object lesson in quality gardening writing, photography and unusual titles for articles.


  1. Well done on the mention VP :)

    It's interesting to see what the 'experts' read too...

  2. Honestly, first on TV and now being mentioned in a well-known garden designers blog. A guest slot on GW next! x

  3. Congratulations. Am currently feeling a bit gutted that he left A Nice Green Leaf off. I will just go away and cry now.

  4. Huzzah! You're getting to be quite the garden celebrity. And to think we read you then...

  5. Poor Emma, her blog deserves a mention too. That Green Leaf meme was brilliant!

  6. Quick, look, Am I turning green?

  7. Hi - I'll keep posting this to the new day for the next few days, so that GW readers get welcomed, so sorry for any confusion to my regular readers ;)

    Paul & Melanie - thank you and it's a lovely surprise.

    TIMP - one can dream I suppose ;)

    Emma - ah but you have the might of The Global Warming Newsletter behind you. I'm a mere minnow in comparison!

    MMD - I think you can safely continue reading me here! And hear hear re Emma's BGLD!

    Eve - welcome and thank you! Your cat looks just like our Jess :)

  8. You are also blamed for my new interest in Heucheras in this week's Sunday paper, I believe. The piece goes on the website too so I'll send you the link when it goes up!

  9. Congratulations VP on all the mentions - Does this mean I am going to have to buy a Sunday paper to read about you being blamed for Emmat interest in Heucheras?
    Please post the web link for this - I dont "do" newpapers.
    Warm regards

  10. Hi VP, thanks for tagging me on the Six Random Facts meme. I finally posted an entry about it!
    ~ Monica

  11. Hi VP, good job on the GW endorsement.

  12. Thanks so much for your comments on my awards post. I agree that it's a good idea to make our preferences clear on our blogs to avoid misunderstandings.

    Also, I see that congratulations are in order. Great job! Now I'm wondering why I haven't come across your blog before and am glad that oversight has been fixed :) I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  13. Wow (she said, seething with envy) :)

  14. Emmat - ooh thanks!

    Karen - don't worry I posted the link :)

    Garden Faerie - super entry, I've also commented back at yours.

    Simon - thanks :)

    Amy - I see you've already made things clear on your blog. Thank you. I'm also enjoying discovering the rest of your posts.

    Sue - thanks, but I see you've had your share too :)


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