The Independent on Sunday

If you've hopped over from your Sunday newspaper or online reading, many thanks for joining me.

Click here for the leafy slideshow referred to in Emma's article, or you may want to orientate yourself by reading the New Reader articles in the sidebar on the right. Otherwise, do dive in and help yourself to a wide variety of topics including lashings of gardening, allotmenteering, and Chippenham life.

And yes, I do love Heucheras - I've even sneaked one into the flower Slideshow on the right!


  1. I say you really are getting good press coverage!

  2. Way to go VP!

  3. Congratulations on being recognized for your gardening expertise! I've just learned to love heucheras this past year; they can "grow" on you very quickly.

  4. did you see the actual magazine? i will send you a jpg if you didn't - it has such a good big tag line about bloggers....
    oh happy heucheras!

  5. I am so cross with myself that I didn't buy Fat Rascal a Peach Flambe at Hampton Court!! I've just redesigned a border and there is a space just begging for one. I could always have told her it got lost in the post!

  6. Michelle, where are we going to see you next! I love heuchera, and have about half a dozen different varieties jotted around my garden. I was at Hampton Court this year and funnily enough I heard a chap say they looked like lettuces, they haven't ever reminded me of one, but I had to smile. They are so easy to propagate too, and I have made many new plants for free. x

  7. PG - thanks and I see you've had a rather special commenter round at your place :)

    AG/ Suburbia - thank you!

    Rose - I love them. As for my expertise, I've just got so much to learn still!

    Emma - yes please! Glad you've been converted. I think Green Space in the article should be Green Spice?

    Arabella - I still can't believe you listened to me rather than thinking of your friend!

    TIMP - it's been an amazing week and I'm so lucky :) Glad to see you're a Heuchera fan too!


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