Dibbers at Dawn - The Backstory

Come and get them Aunt Debbi, if you think you can!

A couple of people have wanted to know the background to yesterday's post. So you have two choices - you can either follow the links in there, or view the abridged version below. This was submitted to The Garden Monkey earlier today as part of his current limerick challenge. Do go over and have a look, there are some absolute pearlers.

Now James said, 'Look at those Phlox,
And these are like gloves for a fox,
And I have some Dahlia
In full blooming regalia,
They have no need for their socks'

'But Kate just tossed back her locks,
To write in a tone that so mocks,
And demanded to know
Where their footwear did go,
'Are they hidden behind those rocks?'

'Ah madam, you mock me' he roared,
'I have the most well be behaved sward,
Your words are too cruel
And so we must duel,
I defend their honour with my sword'

So battle lines are now drawn,
Across a misty but brooding lawn,
With Garden Monkey and VP
Plus darlin' Aunt Debbi,
To Second and Serve they're sworn

And now all garden bloggers await,
At Blackpitts' old garden gate
Will good humour fail?
Will diplomacy prevail?
Or our heroes meet a most dreadful fate?

I'm hopeful reading yesterday's update from James that all the diplomatic hard work that's going on behind the scenes will reach a successful conclusion and we won't have to nuke our American cousins with pictures of garish flowers, bad horticulture, wet fish or any other weapons that may be to hand at the time or appropriate. In the event that peaceful negotiations break down, NAH is stockpiling old kipper wrappers in the dustbin as I speak. Just in case - fingers crossed they're not needed.


  1. Garish Flowers?

    Surely there is no need to go that far?

    I have enlisted the help of an Antipodean who wishes to remain anonymous, but he, opps, I mean she suggests that by far the best weapons are Gladioli; however be sure to have the right eye wear (Elton John may be able to assist in this) before commencing the Duel.

  2. Gladioli were also Morrissey's floral weapon of choice.

    Fantastic limerick!

  3. wet fish ... gladioli ... whatever. Just sock it to him, VP (sorry, sorry)

  4. Okay, everybody just calm down. I have called the monkeys off. Give peace a chance.

  5. VP, your limerick wins the grand prize by far! I've been searching the recesses of my brain for what this reminds me of, and I finally have it: "The Rape of the Lock." If Frances of Faire Garden gets involved, she might send some sprites to protect poor Kate.
    Do you have a bodkin handy??

  6. Wow. To what have I given birth?

  7. Allright, stop this at once. It's too silly. It's just too silly.

  8. Zoe - I've got a bunch of them just coming into flower in preparation

    HM - thanks and I'd forgotten all about Morrisey!

    Sue - don't say sorry - it fits entirely with the lunacy that's been going on ;)

    Aunt Debbi - hurrah!

    Rose - Kate has written her own spirited defence and bagged the prize!

    Kate - lots of fun and mayhem :D

    MMD - tell Kate, she started it! ;)


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