ABC Wednesday - X is for...

...X Marks the Spot

It's a little contrived this week, but who cares! I spotted these 'X''s in January when I was taking photographs for my occasional series on Changing Chippenham and have been saving it up for today ever since. These grace the new Peel Court apartments which are being built across the road from the Eco Homes complete with green walls which featured in the letter G (also the last Changing Chippenham post).

The former cattle market in the centre of Chippenham by the railway station is undergoing a great deal of change. The new county History & Records Centre has moved there from Trowbridge (a future Changing Chippenham article) and a number of housing developments are taking shape. Peel Court has been named after Sir Robert Peel, who was MP for Chippenham in 1812 when it was a Rotten Borough, before he went on to greater things such as being Prime Minister (twice) and forming the Metropolitan Police force. I don't know what he'd make of the apartments graced by his name - for example the pictured 'balconies' don't seem to have much form or function. I'm sure each 'X' forms a warning to residents as in 'Don't go there'. What do you think?

ABC Wednesday is bought to you courtesy of Mrs Nesbitt and the letter X.


  1. I haven't been to Chippenham in a while, not since a friend gave up ownership of a Club there. It seems it is undergoing a lot of changes from what you say, certainly recall having to negotiate newly emerged roundabouts every time I was there about 8 years ago.

    It certainly was 'Moonfire' I have another that is very similar but more tangerine coloured, when I took the images it was still in bud, I noticed that there is an open flower this morning.When the sun shines,(its very overcast here atm) I'll put an image up and you can see if you like that too.

  2. This is a wonderful design feature.

    ann at:
    varying seasons

  3. It is so encouraging to read of people keeping pictures for ABC Wednesday. A great community!

  4. Those X's don't look like they are serving in a structural capacity, so I go wonder why they were chosen for a design detail...
    Hope you are enjoying your X day.

  5. The balconies do seem a bit pointless but I suppose wil alow lots of air in! Good thinking to plan so far ahead!

    I can't see Sir Robert approving of modern buildings.

  6. Very creative shot for ABC Wednesday. VP, you would make an excellent tour guide for your village!

  7. How clever of you to have thought ahead about the letter X. Ha! Maybe I should do the same?

  8. Maybe the Xes were there just so that one should not fall?

    Nah - that is to dull...

  9. Nice pattern. Very wise of you to think this far ahead!

    About mu cactus - I did post it for C, but I needed something this week!

  10. Your choice of x's is good! Thanks for your visit!

  11. Great photograph, but I have to say the place looks a bit too institutional for my liking.

    Might Peel be rolling in his grave?

  12. esnorway - thanks

    Zoe - I'll keep an eye open for it :)

    Me ann/a photaday - more safety than design?

    Denise - well you started it!

    Liz - I can hear him spinning right now!

    Rose - thanks, but there's loads I don't know about - still learning!

    Your eg - perhaps, I'll need to come over and take a peek!

    Dragonstar - nothing wrong with plants earning their keep!

    Readerwil - no problem!

    Kate - you bet!


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