Tagged and Playing With Words

Click on the word cloud to see a larger version in the Wordle Gallery. Thanks to Katie from GardenPunks for telling me about this wonderful new way of wasting absolute shedloads of time :)

Viooltje has tagged me (yay!) for another round of the Six Random Facts meme, so I thought some random words from my blog over the past few days was a great illustration to start my response. Alex - do note the prominent placing of the word 'shed' in the centre of the piece, Victoria - you're in there too ;)

So here are the facts pulled out randomly from my brain, squinting and blinking into the light this morning:
  1. I was a Footballer's WAG* for a while. However, I'm the person least like Posh Spice et al. and it was also in the days when being a WAG was not the glamourous and jet setting lifestyle it is today, especially if your footballing fiance played for Leyton Orient. I realised just in time I was in love with the idea of being married rather than in love with the person, so I escaped just before we seriously got down to the business of wedding arrangements. It's put me off football for life.
  2. My one talent if I have any at all, is for hoovering up and remembering vast swathes of totally useless facts without any effort. I blame it on reading Look & Learn as a child. If only this skill could have been applied for useful things like work, I would have been at the top of the career ladder by now. It does however, make me an extremely useful member of quiz teams.
  3. I haven't been able to have children, in spite of having loads of tests (inconclusive) and a couple of IVF attempts. I've finally got over the raging about the unfairness of it all and I'm now happy being child-free rather than child-less. After all, it's given me (and NAH) many exciting opportunities and different options at this stage of my life, so every cloud definitely has a silver lining.
  4. I had a reunion with some friends from Oz in Salisbury yesterday, whom NAH and I hadn't seen for 5 years - eventually. We thought Salisbury Cathedral entrance would be a good place as it's a very prominent feature of the city. Little did we know the cathedral's celebrating it's 750th birthday this year and yesterday had hundreds of pilgrims and cleric dignatories descending upon it for a celebration at the precise spot and time we were due to meet our friends!
  5. From the age of seven I desperately wanted to be a Doctor. This ambition burned until the night before my Physics 'O' Level exam (at the age of 16), when I realised I was going to struggle to pass the exam at that level, never mind at Advanced. I've never fully recovered from the realisation and I'm still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.
  6. I have a licence to go electric fishing. This is a remnant from my Master's degree in the 1990's when I spent a very happy summer looking at trout and salmon populations in Welsh and Gloucestershire rivers. It's literally putting a pulsing electrical current in water to temporarily stun the fish so they can be captured and measured before being popped back in the water again to swim away happily. Being me, I kept on forgetting the water was electrified and insisted on putting my hand in there to capture the fish instead of using the net I was carrying. I soon learnt the error of my ways after receiving a few electrical 'pulls' on my arm. It's quite invigorating really.

Right, so now I need to tag 6 people - I hope you will enjoy playing this game:

  1. Slice of Life
  2. Mr. MacGregor's Daughter
  3. Sue Swift - The Balcony Garden
  4. Zoe - Garden Hopping
  5. Monica - The Gardenfairie
  6. Kate - The Manic Gardener

Here's the guidelines for those of you I've tagged - remember I always give you full permission to totally ignore this meme or bend these rules as you see fit. This is a fun thank you from me for joining in on my blog, it's not meant to get you all stressed about it. There's no time limit either - save it for a rainy day if you want.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on the blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

I've played this enjoyable game before - do have a look here and here for my previous posts for this meme.

* = Wife and Girlfriend


  1. Hi VP,

    I'll keep this one for a rainy day as suggested if I may; I am still struggling to find the time to write up Hampton Court!

    I love Salisbury Cathedral, at one point worked for the Diocesan Architects back in the day when I had ambitions in that direction. I went to Salisbury College of Art and Technology before Uni.

    Oddly, I wanted to be a Dentist, but Chemistry was my bug-bear, the school in Andover didn't offer it at O level, so that was that. I did Physics at O and A level though.

    Thanks for the tag, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend


  2. Hi VP,
    Always lovely to know more about a person

  3. I could not imagine Posh Spice with a gardening trowel anyway! Sadly though, in those days football was more of a game (beautiful game) and less of a business that it is these days. I totally agree on the silver lining. I enjoyed every bit of your random facts and I'm glad you've spilt the beans once again. Cheers!

  4. Well, I feel as if I have filled in some of the missing years now. Thanks for sharing with us all VP and reminding me about Look & Learn. And thanks for the link to Wordle- I've wasted quite a lot of time on it this afternoon!
    P.S. How's "The project" going?

  5. Hopefully I'll have time to do this one again. I might have some new stuff for it. Congrats on Arte/Pico award.

  6. Zoe & MMD - there's no rush, take your time. And MMD it's my third time, so I hope you feel you still wanna play.

    AG & TS - glad you enjoyed it!

    Viooltje - thanks for the tag!


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