Butter Bag

NAH came back from the supermarket at the weekend with this tub of butter. Am I just being devious or has anyone else spotted how easily you can ensure you're a winner? Assuming lots of people haven't done the same before you of course. Luckily NAH's random selection without looking approach also worked so I can keep a clear conscience.


  1. I can see the scrummage in the aisles at Waitrose now!

    Have to say I prefer Anchor blocks though.

  2. So funny! Need some butter too.Can't have too many reusable bags-although I think I am somewhere up near the limit.

  3. Well, the marketing folks really earned their money with that one!

  4. ps, thank you very much for the sponsorship :-)

  5. Wish I had seen this post before I did my shopping this morning. Have a good supply of bags though as my sons Young enterprise group are selling jute bags

  6. But the problem isn't getting hold of the bags - i seem to have a HUGE selection - but actually remembering to take them with you. I even got a free fridge magnet from Sainsbos saying "take an old bag shopping" and even that doesn't work I have a complete mental block about it

  7. LOL!! I'm going to go and cheat, I'm afraid! Thanks for the tip! LOL!

  8. Zoe - I wonder! We like to be able to spread ours from the fridge, so this one it is!

    TS - I just need to replace the plastic bags I've been re-using for the past 18 months and then I'm done :)

    HM - they did didn't they? No problem, you helped with my research :)

    PG - sounds like you're sorted anyway

    Emmat - posted on that one! I keep some in my rucksack :)

    Helena - only too glad to oblige!


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