How About A Time Machine For Your Garden?

Dr Who garden complete with TARDIS - RHS Show Cardiff, April 2008

How's this for the ultimate in garden sheds? A local landscaping firm is auctioning off their replica 10 foot tall TARDIS to raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Appeal. It was built for a Doctor Who themed float shown at Devizes and Pewsey's carnivals (note to self: must write about the local Autumn carnival season next year). One of the firm's owners was quoted in this week's Gazette & Herald: It would be a good Christmas present. We've had suggestions it could be used as an allotment shed, portable loo or a children's playhouse.

The shed can be viewed and delivery is also promised - though to Joy's place in Canada might be stretching their goodwill a bit far. The reserve price is £80 (around $120 USD) and in view of the success of the TARDIS category in Shed of The Year, I'm sure it'll raise far more than that. Sealed bids should be sent to: Elm Tree Fencing & Landscaping, Broadway, Market Lavington, Devizes, SN10 5RH by December 12th.

Imagine if it was a real time machine though - there'd never be a problem in completing all those gardening jobs ever again!

PS Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. You may like to have a look at the post I wrote last year especially for you ;)

Update 24/12: The winning bid was £250 - I don't think that's a bad price for what you get!


  1. I quite fancy a tardis shed - or any shed would be good for that matter. Is it like the real tardis - bigger on the inside than the outside because that would be really useful

  2. PG - I think that's a regular feature of all sheds, bearing in mind the amount of stuff I've been able to squeeze into my shed here and the one up the allotment.

    I've suggested to Threadspider this morning that it would make a fine addition to her plot. Imagine a Portaloo at one end of the site and a TARDIS at the other...

  3. Imagine having a tardis in your garden, let alone the tardis. Does it come complete with a Dr Who? I could do with an extra pair of hands in the garden. Or he could do the ironing, I'm not fussy. ;-)

  4. My nephew would love that!
    I, on the other hand, could do with a few daleks, but only if I could train them to exterminate just couch grass, horsetails, bindweed, ground elder...

  5. Wouldn't it be be lovely if it worked - I could visit any number of gardens that are too far away for a day trip :-)

  6. I'd like to put it outside my house with the door tantalisingly ajar. Then, when all the artichoke-attacking, earth-throwing, plant trampling children had marched inside to investigate - I'd press a button and . . . whoosh . . . away they'd go!



  7. That will raise a heck of a lot more than £80!!

  8. What fun! The most original garden shed ever :)

  9. VP .. how can you torture me like this !!! Why can't they take it apart and send it to me over here please ??? .. I promise I will take excellent care of it and not let the hubby in EVER .. it is only for me .. all mine ... just me and the Tardis .. and a few garden tools .. a couple of plant tags .. some compost in a neat bag. I'll have a broom handy every second I am in there .. can I fit my potting table in it ????.. one word .. OK more than one .. the program "Survivors" .. watch it .. Dr. Who's people are in IT !!!!!
    VP : )

  10. I would not fancy wrapping this potential Christmas gift :) Where would you start ?

  11. The two things on my mind are A: Is it still up for sale - and B: How much would we be looking at for delivery??

  12. Yolanda - (dreamily) if only it came with a Dr Who (VP goes off into a reverie...)

    HM - that's a great idea. Imagine! No more weed problems!

    EG - that's a great idea too! How about reprising around the world in 80 gardens (or 82 if you buy the book) for starters?

    Esther - I'm with you there!

    Matron - I do hope so, the Air Ambulance needs lots of £££

    Blossom - and such fun too!

    Joy - OK I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist seeing you're such a Who fan! And you have done a very good reply over at yours in response to this haven't you? ;)

    Anna - I wonder if Christmas paper on a TARDIS acts in a similar way to how it is inside? Your piece if paper looks way too small, but when you wrap it, it stretches far enough to wrap the whole thing?

    Anonymous - Answers: A - Yes B - Delivery is promised. You sound interested, so see my post for details of where to send you sealed bid.

  13. Thank you for the interesting post. Steel Garden Sheds are the newest trend in market. They are easy to set up and long lasting. Furthermore they are a great money saver.

  14. Steelbuilding steel - hmmm I don't think your comment is in keeping with the actual post, particularly as you seem to be spam from an American company and you're not even aesthetically pleasing enough to be forwarded to blogs where your subject matter would make a better fit.

  15. Oh ho! The same spammer asks me if I'd like to build a steel aircraft hangar!


    (Mind, on the Shedworking blog, I once noticed someone asking the blog-owner if he'd like to buy handbags!)

    . . . and you know we were saying how we'd like to buy extra gardening space in a seed packet? Imagine if garden centres sold enough packeted space for a hangar!

    (I could grow a lot of carrots.)

  16. Hi Lucy - I'm glad I kept the comment in now seeing it's caused some amusement. And you correctly guessed that Shedworking was one of the blogs I had in mind. I'd loved to have seen the handbag spam on there though ;)

    And yes, it could be a good addition for your earth out of a packet. Just a pity they're so unsightly, though maybe a garden centre would stock something a little more aesthetically pleasing? We had carrots from the allotment yesterday - yummy.

  17. And the thing which caused me extra delight was that I was expected to make my aircraft hangar from a kit.

    Can you imagine it? Airfix has nothing on this!


  18. Ho Ho - that's conjured up quite a picture in my mind! Just how would an aircraft hangar sized building get to you, even in kit form?

    I would defy our postie to be able to walk at 4 miles an hour with that delivery!


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