Plot Views - Even More Clearing Needed

Now most of the leaves are down, it's time to sweep them off the path and onto the borders to make a natural mulch. I've also asked NAH to do the final mow of the lawn for the year, so the sticky mass of leaves on there will be shredded into the grass clippings to make a good mulch for one of the beds up at the allotment. Apart from that, I'll probably take everyone's advice from last month - leave things as they are and say I've created the ideal wildlife habitat!


  1. You need PB to come and turn the plot for you! Bless him, he hurt his back sorting ours out for our great allotment adventure.

    Apparently ii is all in the preparation I am told. (again, and again and again!)

  2. Hi VP, nice to have your ducks in a row, or is it? Having followed the *leave it* school this fall, I find that I am running out of gardening tasks! Except pulling the winter weeds, number one culprit, henbit. How can we get any exercise? What to do, it has to be outside and somewhat garden related.


  3. There's always something to do, isn't there? Unless it warms up here, though, I'm not even going to get the leaves raked. I'm all for the "leave it to Nature" school right now.

    VP, you may not be able to photograph birds (or so you say), but you certainly have captured raindrops in an artistic way. Stunning photos!

  4. I promise not to write an article about this! :-)

    We had to do a bit of cleanup yesterday. I was finally able to see seeds on my angelonia...collected the seeds and pulled the plants. I didn't get around to my "melted" colocasia...the freeze finally took those down (as well as the ginger). Pulled my poor coleus that finally got cold up on my warm front porch.


  5. Yes go with the wildlife habitat and feel virtuous :-)I would!

  6. VP,

    I am totally into the Leave It To Nature has helped me grow native wildflowers, cut down on raking and have more time for blogging! Your wildlife will be cheering from the beds!


  7. Hello,
    I was just on your site - after watching my hubby visit regularly I had to check out the competition! I went to his favourites, found the link and darn it I like it, a lot.
    I also write a blog about our allotment and get real joy out it and taking photos. 2 days ago my hubby bought me my first DSLR - a Sony alpha 200. I have recently become a digital convert and even have a Flickr account as of yesterday!
    Anywho, I wanted, quite blatantly to ask you if you'd take a look at my blog and if you like it, maybe list it?! Brash, huh? Thing is I'm trying to get the message out there about ECOTHERAPY as our mental health service here (Northern Ireland) is atrocious and this lottie has literally saved my life. I want people to know the immense benefits.
    I'm not usually like this and I've sent this exact message to someone else and feel like a wally....
    Please don't be offended, I used your site to leave my meassage - there wasn't a personal e-mail bit.

  8. I spent a few hours plotting on Wednesday and yesterday which was good. Apart from a general tidy up some of the plot will be left through the winter for the wildlife.xx

  9. Another member of the leave it school of thought too. In the garden I have forgone raking the leaves to sucking them up but the noise is quite 'orrible. There is something quite soothing about rake on leaves. This year the allotment is making demands with new beds under construction so my winter hibernation is currently on hold :)

  10. That (the wildlife habitat) includes the compost heap full of leaves!

  11. Yes, I feel guilty when I clear up a really messy part of the garden. I disturb all sorts of critters and make them homeless!I have even avoided turning my compost heap because I have a family of frogs living under the carpet!

  12. Many allotments do look a bit bedraggled or sparse at this time of year don't they!
    Have a good weekend! Take care and stay warm. xx

  13. SOL - if only!!!

    Frances - I've still got plenty to do over here. Help!

    Rose - yes there is. I've spent too long on the first task - relaxing! Thanks for the compliment re my raindrop photos

    Cameron - I bet you're itching to aren't you ;)

    EG - it's your advice I'm taking from last month if I remember correctly!

    Gail - and having seen loads of your garden, that looks like good advice!

    Carrie - hi and welcome. That's a nice compliment. I'll stop by on your blog after I've caught up from my weekend away. In the meantime, it's been good to see you here :)

    Flighty - it's a good plan! Thanks for the weekend wishes, we were away so this came up as a scheduled post. I'll be over at yours later...

    Anna - sounds like you've plenty of scope for where your leaves are going to end up once you get your rake out

    Samantha - welcome! Quite right, so I've got loads of wildlife habitats everywhere then! Thanks for stopping by.


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