Plot Views - Clearing Needed


  1. Think of it as encouraging wildlife :-)

  2. My own garden is in much need of TLC too, I simply haven't got the energy though.

    I am going with easygardener's suggestion ..... it encourages wildlife!

  3. I don't see anything wrong with your garden! Q...What is your garden zone?

  4. I meant to answer this sooner. You asked 'Is Monday Musing a general meme or just a regular thing of yours BTW? '

    It's me I think, although given the size of t'internet, I doubt it will be an original idea, amd no doubt theres a meme out there somewhere for it too.

  5. Yes, you have a beautiful plot view!


  6. So pleased I'm not the only one with a wildlife sanctuary.

  7. Just for a welcome change I've been plotting yesterday and today! xx

  8. Hmmm, these beds look familiar... Could you by chance have been photographing our garden by mistake?! But we, ahem, make a point of allowing our cultivated wild meadow to stand over winter to give the wild birds food and shelter, and provide a windbreak for the Pullet Palace. Seems to me that you just need to come up with a compelling excuse! (And besides, your beds still look beautiful to me!)

  9. I think it looks nice. Mine looks like a jungle.

  10. EG - Wildlife - we're awash with it!

    Zoe - don't worry. You're nearly at the end of your treatment. May your energy come back soon. Hugs. And thanks for answering my question too.

    Gail - thanks. I've answered over at your place. For anyone else wondering it's Zone 8-ish.

    DYH - Thanks Cameron!

    IE - I think yours is eensy teensy bit bigger? Hope you have a fantastic time in Africa. I can't wait to hear all about your travels, hopefully not too many travails.

    Flighty - good for you! It's been miserable here :(

    OFB - I'm a great believer in minimalist gardening and it shows by the number of birds and insects (and squirrels - grrrr!) we get in the garden. However, I do need to clear the lawn at least before the grass gets killed!

    Deb - you know that's so untrue! Think of it as the productivity of a Texan autumn!

  11. I'm glad I found your blog thru Cameron's site today. I'm always looking for new blogs with fresh ideas.

    I think I'm a minimalist too. I choose drought tolerant, disease resistant plants that aren't much bothered by insects. No more pushing zones and watering every other day. I've quit using insecticides and chemical fertilizer. It's much easier not to do battle with nature.

  12. Roses and Lilacs - welcome and good of you to drop in :) I like your idea of minimalism, sounds much better than my lazy version!

  13. I just tell people I am cultivating green manure

  14. Gary - why didn't I think of that?????!!!!!!


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