Book Giveaway and Scarf Update

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It's Sunday morning, so it's time to see who's the winner from last week's book giveaway - Gardeners' World Top Tips - A Treasury of Garden Wisdom. Sadly there were no new names to add to the hat apart from the person from Portland, Maine who became my 25,000th visitor here last Tuesday evening. You were most welcome!

And the winner is... RB. Congratulations RB, I'll be in touch to arrange sending your new book to you. By the way those of you who gave me your seed selections last month as Open Garden donors, I'll be sending them to you shortly. Getting the seed information and sowing instructions together has taken me longer than I was expecting, so my apologies.

If you haven't made a donation already to my Open Garden, remember it's still here for you to take a stroll around. I also have some seeds left over to send out as a thank you for your donation.

Scarf Update: Kathryn is sending no less than 70 scarves to Pakistan, including my small contribution :D Her lovely update on what's happening can be found here. You'll see the scarves have quite a dramatic journey to make before they reach the girls and boys of Askole village. Helen's summed up my feelings about mine and Kathryn's projects very well in her post here today.


  1. Thank you so very much for your kind words and your beautiful soft scarf. (I just love touching it, and so will some little girl in Pakistan!) Hugs! Kathryn xoxo

  2. Hi Kathryn - thanks for coming up with the idea. It was an absolute pleasure to take part.


  3. I'd forgotten all about the seeds! Thanks for reminding me that I've some to look forward to! xx

  4. Well done VP and all you other fantastic knitters - I am sure that the girls will appreciate the extra warmth this winter.

  5. Howdy VP, Sorry I couldn't resist after the melt down in communication between Texas and California. I so enjoyed the scarf initiative and can't wait to see the girls with them. My sister is working on collecting books for a childrens' library in Uganda. There is always a new opportunity to give.

  6. Deb - and you're already doing so with your 29 gifts challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on :)

  7. Oops Flighty and Anna - sorry I missed you!

    Flighty - soon, I promise, soon.

    Anna - I do hope so.


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