VP's Guide to Gardening Bargains #3

This post has a touch of the You Ask, We Answer about it as it's in response to Zoe's comment about the Friends of the NGS (National Gardens Scheme) being a shade on the expensive side in my first Bargains post. I'm happy to report I've now been sent details of the scheme for 2009 and can confirm it is a bargain:

Friends of the NGS 2009

Thank you for your interest in joining Friends of the NGS. We have made a few changes to Friends for 2009 and I am delighted to announce the details. For just £8.99 a year, Friends of the NGS will receive:

  • A copy of The Yellow Book in February 2009 which lists 3,500, mostly private gardens all over England & Wales which open to the public in 2009 and early 2010
  • Friends of the NGS Newsletter in Spring and Autumn
  • Discount and promotional offers for NGS events, including for 2009 an evening hosted by Alan Titchmarsh
  • 2 for 1 entry at selected attractions

If you would like to purchase a membership for yourself or as a gift please call 01483 213911, email friends@ngs.org.uk or visit our website www.ngs.org.uk

Guess what's just gone on my Christmas pressie list...

Update: Helen (Patient Gardener) has pointed out the NGS link's instructions aren't very clear. If you want to buy a gift membership, then the above link takes straight to where you need to be. However, if you want to join, you have 2 choices - either buy the Yellow Book in February, fill out the form on the inside flap and send it to the NGS OR visit the above website, take the Friends link on the left hand sidebar, click on the link to the form under the Join Now heading and fill out the online application. Failing that you can phone them on the above number. The NGS will then send you your copy of the Yellow Book when it comes out in early February next year.


  1. Yep, I paid much more for 2008, which was it's first year, it was through the NGS friends scheme I visited Helen Yemm's Garden, and met Victoria.

    Glad to see they have reduced the cost, it makes it a real bargain.

  2. This stumped me when I tried to purchase it. I couldnt see a link on their website to sign up as a friend. All I could gather was that you had to buy the yellow book and then send off the form inside! I did email them querying this but that was a week ago and no reply yet - any ideas?

  3. See I think it should be more, maybe £30, and then you get into as many gardens as you want free. Then you would obviously bring a friend with you who had to pay, and have tea, so they'd end up definitely in profit I think.

  4. Zoe - looks like you got a bargain anyway :)

    PG - Click on the Friends link in the sidebar. You can sign up as a Friend and they'll send you the new Yellow Book in February. I'll put an update on the post too.

    Emmat - that sounds like a good idea!

  5. Thanks for the tip off VP. Maths is not my strong point but it seems that joining as a Friend of the NGS = cost of purchasing Yellow Book so I know which option I am plumping for :)

  6. Hi Anna - your maths seems fine to me, you've worked it out :)


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