Sweets for my Sweet

NAH came home from evening class on Tuesday with this lovely jar of liquid gold. He'd done a good turn to one of his fellow students, who just happens to keep bees and this was his reward. We have a dilemma - scoff it all up now, or wait until after Christmas when supplies in the shops are projected to run out. What would you do in our shoes?


  1. No dilemma. Eat it.

  2. James - we caved in just before your comment came in and are currently having some on hot, buttery crumpets. Yum.

  3. Nothing else satisfies my yearning for sweets like good honey! I just love it. We have a friend who is a beekeeper. We buy our honey from him.

    There are three wild (feral) hives within 3 miles of my garden, so there are plenty of pollinators.


    PS I loved your post yesterday and I had some fun with it today on my blog post to get others to come read your great blog.

  4. Oh, VP, the hot, buttery crumpets sound delicious! Now I am going into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and have a piece of toast!

    My local bee keeping friend says that pure honey from the US is rare since they cut it with honey from Mexico. I didn't know that...He gave me a jar of his pure honey. He calculated that if he charged $25 (is that about 15 pounds) he still would lose money!


  5. Eat it!

    thanks for the heads up, I have been eating Manuka Honey in an attempt to stave off lurgies, I'll get some supplies in this weekend!

    Sad that the bees are doing so poorly though and that Defra are doing so little to work out why.

  6. Aren't we all dead when the honey runs out?? ;)

    Must buy/make some crumpets - lovely wintery food


  7. eat it all now. You could, excuse me for saying, be run over by a bus. Though I hope not. xxx

  8. Hi VP, might as well go with the popular vote, eat it now. It sounds like you already did. Makes me hungry too. Must find some local honey, I know they are out there close by too.

  9. Wasnt there a monk at Buckfast Abbey in devon that lived to a really old age??? Something along the lines that he couldnt remember how old he was, but all the other ones who joined when he had, died... Anyway the point of the story is, he was the beekeeper, ate the honeycombe as well. He was never ill.

    So I say eat it. Eat it, all in the name of it being good for you!

  10. I would take some of it every day and if the jar is empty, who knows is there another student who gives you some delicious treat.
    Thanks for the visit! Have a sweet weekend.

  11. I see you did the right thing - no point in not indulging straight away! Lovely stuff.

  12. I don't eat honey! xx

  13. I just can't resist buying local honey wherever I go in the world. Heather honey from Northern Norway or forest honey from Poland or Wild Blueberry honey from Maine. I am addicted to honey - fantastic stuff. Eat it and enjoy!

  14. Hi everyone - it was a no brainer to open the jar wasn't it ;) Thanks for all your responses and I hope you have a good weekend.

    DYH - wild bees, lovely! And I did enjoy the fun you had with blog names yesterday. Thanks for the shout :)

    Gail - sounds lik eyou've got a true pot of gold there!

    Zoe - Buy some NOW!

    Joanna - that's what a lot of people say will happen. No bees to pollinate, no food :( You make your own crumpets? I'm impressed!

    Emmat - luckily I haven't yet, but I'm sure your good wishes help to prevent it from happening. Living in the country, nowhere near a bus also helps ;)

    Frances - do go and find some now, it'll be worth it

    SOL - I didn't of that story, but have heard similar ones. Must keep on eating it then, eh?

    Reader Wil - I'm secretly hoping we'll get some from our friend's hives next year...

    EG - isn't it just? Yum.

    Flighty - why not? xx

    Matron - sounds like you could write the definitive guide!

  15. I didn't use to like it but I must say that I've not tried any for a very long time. Perhaps I should... xx

  16. Flighty - could be worth a try then, especially if you like jam? xx

  17. I was going to say wait - anticipation is so sweet but too late :) Hope you enjoyed the crumpets.

  18. Watcha VP - sorry - I'm a bit late picking up on this one...
    bees and honey are another of my pet rants - we included a small beehive in our NEC and Malvern Garden, and I did my best to convince all and sundry that keeping bees is easy. We're planning to have our own hive next year (dunno where it's going to go, as we live in micro house) but until then we are very lucky as we have TWO beekeepers within about a mile. Good local honey to relieve hayfever symptoms.
    oh - love crumpets, but prefer organic seedy bread with honey. Crumpets make me think of 'Carry On' films...laters C x

  19. Anna - you're the only one to advise reatraint :)

    Claire - it seems you're not the only one to have a bit of a rage and a rant on this one. Lots of people have picked up on this. Have you seen the petition PG's written about on her blog?

    Organic seeded bread's our fave too. Must ask you about bee hives the next time I see you - I'm struggling to find the right plave in mine and we're not allowed on the allotment :(

  20. No worries VP - love to help anyway I can - funnily enough, bees are the one animal we are allowed on Brighton allotments...
    oh - verification word is 'poolar' - is this a polar bear with a stomach upset? cj xxx

  21. Claire - that's very good hehehehe!


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