This year's Remembrance commemorative stamps

The space on today's post isn't a mistake or formatting error. It's the space I've left for reflection this morning at 11 am. Ninety years to the date and time since the end of WWI. I'll be thinking how lucky I am to live in more peaceful times.

I've also been reading this amazing blog during the past year - it tells the tale of one ordinary English soldier using photos, letters and postcards to/from his family plus materials found in his regiment's archive about that first global conflict. I'm glad I've only had to try and imagine how horrific it was rather than having to live through those kind of times.


  1. VP,

    We are lucky...thanks for the reminder. I hope you've had a good day so far.


  2. Hi VP

    Yes we are lucky - see my post today which links to some blogs my son and his friends have written about their visit to the war graves - some are very moving.

  3. Hi,

    It strange as I get older, approaching 50 now, I realise how lucky I have been not to get mixed up in a war. I think of my grandfather who fought in the Royal marines at Gallipoli and what he must have gone through. My dad served in the RAF in Burma in WW2 and has never really spoken about it. I just can't belive how lucky I have been.


  4. As a historian, I'm well aware of the scope of the tradegy of WWI. Unfortunately, most of the people in the US aren't. I try to tell my children about it because they aren't going to learn it in school unless they go on to study history at university. It's such a shame. At least I can link it up for them with my family, as my only relative to serve in a war was my grandfather, a veteran of WWI.

  5. Yes, we have many to thank. My post today is the story of a WWII Veteran, told in his own words. He is 89 and still gardens...winning 1st place for his display at our NC State Fair.


  6. I like the Poppy Stamp you feature. As a gardener the poignant symbolism of the Poppy (popaver rhoeas) is powerful on this day of Remembrance.

    I read your comment Mr McG's Daughter... This is gentle way I introduce delicately WW1 to the kids.I often read from Milne's Winnie The Pooh on Nov 11th and think it is a comforting touch of humanity with it's connection to WWI and Canadian and British soldiers and children.



  7. We are recognizing our veterans over here today also. My husband is a gulf war vet. Nice post.


  8. Gail - I did thank you. And for once I rembered my minute's silence at 11 o'clock!

    PG - on my way over...

    Gary - welcome! We're about the same age, hence the gratitude. And luck.

    MMD - the blog I've linked to is being used as an historical source in a number of schools I believe.

    Cameron - 89 and still gardening? That's impressive.

    Hi Shauna - good to see you here :) The poppy's a very poignant reminder

    Deb - I've been over in the States on Veterans Day. It's an American holiday, unlike here. I believe it should be - not to celebrate war, but peace.

  9. Makes such wonderful jam too. A fruit I always forget about, thanks for reminding me.

  10. Babooshka - I think this goes under Wednesday's Q post, but you're very welcome here anyway.

  11. I have not seen the commemorative stamp yet but it looks a fitting tribute. We are so fortunate and should never forget the unbelievable sacrifices that a generation made. Thanks for the link - I will be making my way over there.

  12. Anna - it's well worth the visit I can assure you.


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