ABC Wednesday 4: N is For...


Here's the last hurrah from my Narcissus aka daffodils from the back garden. This one's always the last to bloom, though I can't tell you what it is as it came in an extremely large sack of mixed bulbs. As you can see it's an orange rather than yellow flower and I rather like it. It's last partly because I believe it's one of the later varieties - if you plan carefully you can get blooms from February through May - plus it's also in the shadier part of the garden. In the front I have another late bloomer N. 'Pheasant's Eye', which has the rather lovely Latin name Narcissus poeticus. Sadly only a couple of them seem to be appearing this year - it looks like the ever growing hedgerow on the public land is beginning to shade them out.

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  1. Lovely, VP - I don't have any of the orange ones - I like them, but they generally seem to be too scented for me.

    If you plan a bit more carefully, you can get Narcissus flowering from December through to May, though - I have! Have a look for Narcissus rijnveldt's early sensation if you want any earlier ones - mine start flowering around Christmas.

  2. VPY .. sorry I just had to add the "y" : ) ... I'm bad !
    I love the daffs .. they scream for attention and some times you just need to see something like that in the garden !
    I mentioned the possibility of a new Dr. Who Villian ... for the new Dr. Who .. (my evil root being that I am constantly digging up).. I think the old Dr. Whos would approve ? LOL .. wink wink : )

  3. I love daffs with orange centres, but they have to be proper orange, like yours, not those peachy, pinky ones like 'Salome'. I've never had much luck with pheasant's eye narcissus, so I am very impressed that you have any at all. My fantasy garden would include an orchard thickly underplanted with pheasant's eye.

  4. Those are beautiful! I have some blooming in my front yard too. Now I know why they are so slow compared to everyone else's daffodils--they're actually slow Narcissus!

  5. I have the Pheasant's came with the wasn't much of a garden! A sweet little thing! I must have gotten a similar bag of narcissus to yours...I have th orange one blooming, too! I will miss them when they're gone...jusy not the strappy leaves that are here until June! gail

  6. A great sign of Spring and the weather is at last being springlike, if rather cold overnight.

  7. Beautiful! Love those bright colors!

  8. I just love the happy faces of these beautiful narcissus. Thanks for sharing the perfect choice for the letter N.

  9. I have some Pheasant Eye and I do love them. They don't multiply very well though and I really would like more of them. Must make a mental note to order some more in the Autumn!

    The other one I love is the scented double N "Cheerfulness". It is a late one too and one that my Grandma always had in her gardens so it has sentimental value for me too. I also have a few like your with the orange centre, and again they came in a mixed bag. We probably all bought them at about the same time!

    The only narcissus I don't like, I agree with Victoria here, are the one with pink trumpets. I adore pink flowers but not pink daffodils!!! Rant over.

  10. I imagine that there is a narcissus for every letter of the alphabet :) I now enjoying the benefits of planting some bulbs so late as they are just coming into flower now.

  11. All I've got left now is some sort of scrunched up cream things that come with pairs of very small flowers and they look daft. If there had been more, they wouldn't have looked quite so miserable. I quite like reverse daffodils - where the petals are white and the trumpets orange.


  12. I love daffs and narcissi. I have to plant the shorter varieties here as it's so windy - although I did have an extraordinarily tall one grow through a bush recently!

  13. These are lovely. I'm yearning for yellow and orange...

  14. Naturally, N would be narcissus! Just by sheer luck, I apparently planted later varieties, because my first daffodils have finished blooming, while others are just coming on. Of course, I could tell everyone I planned it that way:)

  15. Beautiful. My daffs are all gone now.

  16. Ah, my daffs are all gone on too(sobs). And I didn't really do much of any bulb planting because we were plannig to move house, then, the economy, blah blah. I will just have to enjoy yours - lovely photo. No, not jealous at all!!

  17. The daffs have just been wonderful this year. There have beent the most lovely daffs all around our borough (Tower Hamlets, that's the same one that is always listed as one of the top most deprived inner city areas) and I would swear that it has made everyone happier and nicer to each other.

  18. Hi everyone - thanks for the compliments AND a warm welcome to Mary Sharpe and Rena :)

    I'll come over for a visit over at your place.


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