How Ensure We Have a Hot Summer This Year

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend, so naturally our expectations are low for getting some decent weather. And of course after 2 poor years, we're all keeping our fingers crossed we have a much better summer, especially as many more people will be taking their holiday (vacation) at Stopatham* this year. I've decided a much more scientific approach is needed to ensure we'll get what we want, so I've:
  1. Sown tomato and courgette varieties that don't mind a bit of cooler, dull weather
  2. Installed a gauge in the garden so I can measure all that rain
  3. Ordered a massive new water butt so I can store all that rain
  4. Can you add anything else to help?
Have a good Easter everyone :D
* = a term used by an ex-colleague of mine a few years ago, which I prefer to the relatively recently coined Staycation.


  1. I'd plant loads of ferns...

  2. So which tomato variates did you sow?

    Here in Wales, where we are totally dependent on tourism it is raining cats and dogs, and the fields are filled with "happy campers"

  3. Put in a very expensive irrigation system...
    Create a bog garden...
    Give the barbecue to charity...

  4. Buy a large gazebo, preferably waterproof.
    I see the Easter weather is living up to expectations. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Dull and overcast here - yep it's Easter again. Buy Wellingtons and a new rain coat.

  6. Ha! Great post (and comments). Putting in a water garden and/or pond would probably work, too. Or giving up gardening altogether because you just can't face working in the rain all the time. Wishing you a sunny, happy Easter!

  7. Get hands on Cadbury caramel egg! Happy Easter. (And, see, courgette--dictionary word for sure!)

  8. Take the sun blinds down in the greenhouse - bound to do the trick!

  9. VP - I love Stopatham! Its what we do every year. We are always ahead of the curve. Heath is too beautiful in summer to go anywhere else. I'm enjoying the ideas to ensure a warm summer. I'm going to try some out myself.

  10. Me donning my sun hat ensures rain - sorry everyone, it was probably my fault that it rained all summer for the last couple of years. I promise to burn it this spring, to ensure a hot summer.

  11. Oh, I really was hoping you had cracked the whole weather system!!! I generally just make sure I have wellies, lots of layers and masses of coffee in the shed. Eeekkk!! that reminds me, we're running out of camping gas. Plus, we have my Mother-in-law 5mins from the plot so we decamp there for tea and sympathy!
    One thing I did think of was covering the whole plot in one huge poly tunnel.

  12. Move to Canada, obviously! The last summer I had in England was 2006 and it was great. Ever since I left they've been lousy (but pretty good here). Sorry...

  13. I have found that to insure way too much rain, plant xeric and watch it all wash away.

  14. a very large umbrella.. lol (I note that it poured with rain yesterday.... )

  15. Julia - very wise and fully in keeping with the plants you like :)

    Karen - Sub Arctic Plenty. It was a freebie in Grow Your Own last year. I've grown it before - I find it middling re flavour, but better than no crop at all.

    Victoria - I'm assuming you're going to do these in view of you post yesterday? ;)

    EG - hope you're having a good one too. Unfortunately our garden slope means the gazebo would have to be extremely small to fit anywhere

    Hermes - sounds like a plan!

    OFB - thank you and aren't they a helpful bunch? Again the pond doesn't fit with the slope we have, but damp ground we have a plenty because of the clay soil. Hope you're having a good Easter too!

    Monica - thank you and I now have to go and find some chocolate ;)

    Nutty gnome - no greenhouse here unfortunately :( Must go and close the cold frames immediately...

    Commonweeder - great isn't it! I do hope you have a good time.

    HM - go and do that immediately!

    Carrie - you should now better with this blog ;) And I long for a polytunnel on the plot but they're not allowed :(

    Amanda - I demand that you move back here immediately ;) But you have such a good life there, so I don't think we can entice you back can we?

    Debbi - oh yes, I seem to remember your post on that last year. Note to self - must add xeriscaping to the YAWA dictionary

    Treesparrow - that should work - try a larger size next time ;)


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