A Day Out for NAH and Me

Somewhere (last Friday) to please both of us - hmm let me see...

A place with shiny, snorting things for him...

... and a place with bright, planted things for her


  1. VP .. love the diversity of cool things to admire on this trip ! I almost thought you would sneak some Dr. Who in there some where ? LOL .. everyone is up to something .. I think I will go look and the untouched deck and mentally zone in on the deck-guys giving them a headache until they get their assorted body parts over here and do SOMETHING !!!

  2. Oh I remember all the train sites we visited when my son was younger(and Ringo Starr was the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine). The Digger's youthful interest in train spotting was reignited. I was the odd one out.
    I can be slightly involved if a train is moving - but standing still - snore!

  3. Love and marrige :-) It looks like you had a great day out.

    Have a great weekend VP and enjoy the spring sun.


  4. I been PROMISED a day out over the Easter hols!! I can't wait, as much as I love my Lottie I know there is a bigger world out there!! I think the Zoo maybe in order, hehe.

  5. Looks like a perfect balance to me! :)

  6. Hey! I like shiny, snorting things too! We have a few similar steam engine trips around here, which are good fun! Choo choo!

  7. Hi VP. I have happy memories of a trip on that line in '92, my wife and me with our doggies Bella and Emily. I think we walked from Blue Anchor Bay to Watchet and caught the train back.

  8. Looks like the makings of a good day. Enjoy!

  9. Shiny Snorty things? Sounds like fun. I remember visiting the Bluebell Railway in Sussex years ago. I think another visit is overdue. Roll on Summer! Wooo Wooo!

  10. Joy - we have a Dr Who special this weekend!!!!!!

    EG - I've had to adjust bigtime since joining NAH's family. They can be a lot of fun - the pictured train's rather special as it's Bittern.

    Tyra - we had a fab time thank you and I hope you did too!

    Carrie - oooooh a zoo. I haven't been to one in ages. I hope you have a great time, you deserve it :)

    Susan - tee hee!

    Nancy - it was :)

    Monica - we've done quite a few steam train trips in the States too. NAH belongs to the Cumbres and Toltec scenic railroad society. Now that trip is really something :)

    Simon - sounds about right. I love that part of the trip when the railway runs alongside the coastline.

    Becca - thank you - we most certainly did :)

    Matron - we're long overdue a trip on that line too!


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