ABC Wednesday 4: O is for...


Ever since I bought the fantastic River Cottage Preserves book earlier this year, I've been toying with the idea of making Preserved Lemons so I can have a play with some middle eastern cookery. The recipe calls for unwaxed fruit, so I was very pleased to find these Organic lemons reduced to 15p a couple of days ago. Since bringing them home, I've noticed the kitchen has a lovely fresh lemony aroma - perhaps their usual waxing locks in the smell. Now I'm Off to make that recipe - byeee!

Off you go to the ABC Wednesday Mr Linky blog to find some more O's...


  1. Seems like Moroccan recipes almost demand the preserved lemons, VP! Can't wait to see what you'll make!

  2. I hope your preserved lemons (and the resulting cookery) turn out well. Fortunately, it's becoming a bit easier to find organic foods lately. There is a difference.

    Nice selection for "O."

  3. let us know how they turn out. I bought a meyer lemon tree that is loaded with fruit. I would love to preserve them.

  4. I love cooking with a tagine...We need preserved lemons for a few recipes so I await anxiously to hear how they turn out. gail

  5. Sounds wonderful - I'd love to know how they turn out. Lemon flavor and scent is always appealing to me.

  6. Mmmmmmm - I can smell those lemons from here VP - enjoy using them in your cooking :)

  7. I try to buy as much organic food as possible! Great idea, thanks for it!

  8. Oh, I like preserved lemon. It is so hard to find in the store, but it is essential for the North African cooking. The concept is like so many other salted green cabbage in Chinese cooking, it uses salt to remove the bitterness. In this case, the bitterness of the lemon skin. I remember that it takes almost a month before it is ready to use.

  9. I am noticing more and more organic food available in our local supermarket as well. Great choice for O! I've never seen a recipe for preserved lemon before--perhaps I ought to get a little more adventurous with my cooking:)

  10. We do pretty well for organic food round here, which is good!

    Let us know how your lemons turn out - and,possibly, even share the recipe with us please?!

  11. Sounds delicious. let us know how it turns out. Still another reason to buy organic.

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  13. Great choice for O-Day! Happy veg-plotting! :D

  14. I'm pretty sure waxing does block the smell, since part of the reason they do it is to reduce water loss and preserve the fruit on the shelves. Nothing like the smell and taste of organic though, is there? I've even started to use organic potting compost (non-peat) and it smells divine.

  15. Hi everyone - glad you like the choice for O and it looks like I'll have to publish a recipe later showing you what I did with them. I've now got to wait 4 weeks until I can use them.

    Grace and Bradley - welcome and thanks for the extra info on what the salting achieves :)

    Granny Smith and Apoorva - welcome too. I'll visit you shortly along with the other ABCers who've commented here as usual :)


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