Tiptoe Through The Tulips

What a difference a few days make: the tulips are now truly in control of the potted areas of the garden. I couldn't resist an interim Blooms Day collage to show them off on here as they will have gone by May. James, I see the T. 'Spring Green' are taking on the tousled look like yours had the other day ;)

Click to enlarge the image if needed: from top to bottom left to right we have: T. 'A pink frilly thing - I've no idea, it was a garden magazine freebie'; 'Viridiflora'; 'Spring Green'; 'Ballerina'; 'Rembrandt'; 'A pink frilly thing' and 'Red Riding Hood'; 'I've forgotten but it's a very nice red one'; 'White Triumphator'; 'Purissima'; 'Viridiflora'; 'Red Riding Hood' and 'A pink frilly thing repeated just to make up the numbers and because I like the photo'.

In the garden are further T. 'Purissima', plus T. 'Queen of Night', 'Tarda' and an unknown tiny species tulip (another magazine freebie). I don't dig these up each year - I have the same attitude to them as Victoria. We might get to tiptoe through these tulips another day as they're only just coming into bud :)


  1. I love your tulips...they are such delightful bloomers...they have all that foliage, but unlike daffs, the foliage fades pretty fast! We occasionally have good luck with tulips returning...usually the species. The Darwin and Triumph are iffy...This past weekend I moved a few spent blooms and bone mealed the planting hole...If the squirrels don't dig them up...we may see them next year! gail

  2. Gorgeous, VP! Thanks for sharing them! Maybe this will hold me over until mine come into bloom!

  3. Thanks, VP, for sharing these photos--I promise I just tiptoed through your tulips and didn't disturb any of them:) You have so many lovely varieties! My tulips are just starting to blossom now, too, and it's such a treat to see each day a new one open up. Although I wrote down the names last fall, I have a feeling I have quite a few "pink frilly things," too:) I just enjoy their beauty even if I don't know their names.

  4. Is it me or has it been a good year for tulips!

  5. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who succumbs to the magazine freebies! Like you and Victoria I am very neglectful of my tulips as well. Quite taken with your Spring Green maybe I will get some of those for next year.

  6. Hi Nice to find your blog through the message you left me on Blotanical.

    I enjoyed a quick wiz through some of your older posts and see you like me are a clematis enthusiast.

    It's good to see the new growth and buds getting fatter. Anticipation I suppose that's what gardening is all about.

  7. Remember the song Tiptoe through the Tulips? As a youngster, me and my granny use to dance to it, in a very silly fashion! White Triumphator have been on my wants list for years, along with Westpoint. I must try to do some this Autumn. I rather like the pink frilly one! x

  8. Gail - thank you. I was worried the squirrels would dig into my pots, but thankfully they didn't

    OFB - thanks and I hope yours are just as showy!

    Rose - I'm only a few days ahead of you, so you've got a real treat to come. The garden's changing so fast at the moment - the clematis have great fat buds forming now. I can't wait!

    Flighty - I think it's been anexceptional year for tulips :)

    PG - I've just succumbed to 2 more freebies - strawberries and lupins. Last month it was asparagus and a raised bed!

    Joanne - welcome and thank you :) I'm looking forward to seeing your Clematis soon.

    TIMP - I've had that song on the brain ever since I cam up with the post title. Even a choir rehearsal hasn't dislodged it!


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