Lost in Chelsea

A development broadcasting its greener credentials

Migraines are funny things. As well as the headache, I've spent most of this week with a runny nose, not being able to speak or remember properly and fingers insisting on typing dyslexic looking words instead of what my thoughts are telling them to do.

On Monday morning I discovered a new feature of this condition when I lost my ability to get somewhere directly. Thus I eventually found myself at Kensington tube station instead of the Chelsea Flower Show as expected.

Very early stages of preparing for Chelsea in Bloom

The final stages of preparation nearby combined with a little light window cleaning

It did however, give me an opportunity to explore Chelsea in Bloom and life outside of the show instead of afterwards as planned.

Elsewhere everything is in place ready for opening...

... and there's also the opportunity to have some fun
Chelsea in Bloom officially starts on the first members' day of the flower show (i.e. Tuesday), so I hadn't realised not everyone gets ready in time for Press Day.

If I'd gone after the show, then I would have missed seeing Georgie putting the final touches to her display in the Peter Jones window. A wonderful coup for her and the work being done by everyone involved in promoting British grown flowers.

This dead tree was a stark reminder of the importance of Jo Thompson's show garden

Georgie's husband (who was also in the shop window on Monday) was directly involved with Jo Thompson's Stop the Spread show garden as he provided the poignant ash sculpture seen at the entrance.

Here's hoping it's not RIP

Stop the Spread


  1. Fantastic pic of Georgie! Wish I'd had the energy to wander round the shops too. I usually blame the rape crop allergy for the misery of headaches and dripping noses at this time of year but I think the 'Chelsea flu' is something more than that - seems to have struck down a few people.

  2. Lovely to see life outside the show,hope the head is now good

  3. So miserable to have a migraine in the middle of Chelsea week but thank you for sharing the photos of Chelsea in Bloom, wonderful.

  4. I suffer from migraines and they are so debilitating...love the show outside the show and I like the last garden with the sculpture...my ash are RIP...4 more had to go and 4 more will go to stay ahead of the Emerald Ash Borer...so sad that another mighty tree will fall

  5. Arabella - if I'd waited until after the show, I wouldn't have had the energy. Perhaps fate was taking a hand!

    flowerlady - it is now, thanks!

    Janet - I like the idea of the blooms spilling out of the show onto the streets, just like they do after the sell-off on Saturday :)

    Donna - ash was one of the trees featured in the show garden, as was the London Plane. Such an iconic tree and especially poignant as they form the backdrop to the show gardens on one side. Usually most of the teams there are sweeping away pollen, but not this year as everything is so late.


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