It's Chelsea Showtime :)

Heucheraholics' Sean and Jules demonstrate their cunning plan to beat the showtime weather this year at Malvern  Spring Show recently. For some reason my camera was so shocked, it decided to overexpose Jules' shot ;)
It's off to Chelsea Flower Show I go today for the excitement that is Press Day. I have so much to do and see for this year's centenary show, that I'm not sure how I'm going to fit it in before we get chucked out at 3pm when the Queen arrives. However, leaving early means there's time to check out Chelsea in Bloom on the way back to the Tube. Every cloud, as they say.

I'm equally uncertain how I'm going to fit it all into this blog this week, but it's going to be a pleasure to try.

For those of you in London for a bit longer, there's also the fab Chelsea Fringe to take in. I'm really pleased they've put a week by week schedule up on their website (here's the first week) as it makes it much easier to find an event to suit both day and location. Arabella Sock went to the press launch on Friday if you'd like to see a taster of what's going on. I'm hoping to go to the Fringe events in Bristol later - yes it's grown outside of its London home already - hurrah! Blogging buddy-wise there's Naomi serving up a second slice of cake in Finsbury Park and Sarah Salway is hosting an idiosyncratic virtual literary garden tour over on her blog. The latter event means we can say the Fringe is a worldwide event in its second year :)

You may also find the following Apps useful:

  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show (iPhone only)
  • Chelsea Fringe (Apple product users only) - sorry link no longer available

Which gardening events or show(s) are you planning to visit this year?


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