GBMD: Magnolias High Over Head

He told of the Magnolia, spread 
High as a cloud, high over head! 

William Wordsworth (1770–1850), in Ruth; or, The Influences of Nature (l. 61–62) The Poems; Vol. 1 [William Wordsworth]. John O. Hayden, ed. (1977, repr. 1990) Penguin Books.

Magnolias are at their showy best right now and next door's tree is leaning companionably over the fence to give us a closer view. It's also the first thing we noticed when visiting mum last week. Her magnolia is in the back garden, but its candle-like blooms peep out from behind the garage giving everyone a streetside view.

Not all the magnolias I see are high as a cloud, nor high overhead as I have a Magnolia stellata in a large pot. I love its furry buds in the winter and always pray the frost doesn't catch its fleeting whiteness in the spring. Is it this danger which can swiftly turn those blooms to mush that makes them all the more precious?


  1. My one and only Magnolia bloom is just about to come out (I only planted the tree last autumn). I'm so excited...

  2. Magnolias are so pretty. None in my garden though.

  3. They are so beautiful aren't they, I really must find room in the garden here for one, how have I lasted so long without one!

  4. Nothing quite like the borrowed landscape. I'm enjoying a neighbour's magnolia too :)

  5. I have a Stellata and it is always stunning,I think Magnolias always look so majestic

  6. Lovely photos, magnolias are one of the sure signs of spring - and I have a special thing for magnolias as I have just got my own - two!

  7. Magnolias are indeed stunning, I remember a huge one when I was little that was just up the road from us, it was magnificent. I love the tree in leaf as well, the wood is so smooth and beautiful and the leaves are lovely - all round I love them! I've got a little Stellata in a pot too and I had two flowers this year! I'm thinking of setting it free in the front garden soon.

  8. How big a pot do you need for a stellata? I tried to grow one in the garden soil and it never thrived for some reason, so maybe a pot would actually work better - I can look after it better that way?

  9. Wish my neighbours had magnolias instead of sycamore trees!! I love my 'steallata', and I am sure the brinkmanship is part of it, as is the scent. Though of course you need a warm day to enjoy that. Warmth, I remember that...

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone :) Good to see how popular Magnolias are :)

    Lu - mine's in a very large pot - come over and have a look...


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