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I've got my Sherlock Holmes cap on this morning following a report in our local paper last week. Lacock Abbey's Head Gardener had her trusty ancient bicycle stolen at the Apple Day event on 19th October. Alibis have been checked over at R. Pete Free's place and I'm happy to report an innocent party in this instance. My attention's now turning to recent cycling injuries seen around Chippenham and its environs - the stolen bicycle has neither gears nor brakes.


  1. that's just so annoying, you welcome the public in and then one of them nicks your bike. It's enough to make you shut up shop frankly.

    I think quite a lot of bike couriers in london may have the same model, incidentally.

  2. Some people just can't help themselves. Any steep hills nearby?

  3. Is this one of your 30 word posts - very intriguing and I felt it was quite pacey, certainly left me waiting for the next instalment. Think this is a sign that you are engaging with your creative writing course!!!

  4. Emmat - it's the same model we use in Mallorca too. Ours come from one of the hotels up the road though.

    EG - An absolutely humumgous one - Bowden Hill!

    PG - It's just a bit longer than 30 words. I'm posting them on the official website GM wrote about yesterday. And here if anyone's interested...

  5. Tee he - talk about divine intervention. The word verification for this post is nabity which rolls off the tongue rather nicely- let's hope that the guilty party is soon nabbed.

  6. Anna - LOL! I wouldn't be surprised if the bike gets returned as it's not the best of breeds!


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