I Think We're Up For Adoption

Let me introduce you to Moly, our neighbours' cat. She had her nose severely put out of joint when they adopted a lovely collie dog last year and is refusing to enter their house unless she really has to. Most of the time she's sat on our other neighbour's front garden bench when it's sunny and under our garage overhang when it's raining. Why our garage is preferable to her real home's more sheltered front porch is a bit of a mystery.

A couple of months ago I spotted she'd moved to sitting on our back garden bench irrespective of the weather. As the cover was on it was rather funny to see a cat shaped lump at one end. Jess and Skimble are a bit miffed but appear to tolerate her as long as she keeps out of their way. Last week the sunny weather finally made me remove the cover and whilst I was shaking it to get rid of the giant puddle which had gathered in one of the folds, out popped Moly looking rather disgusted at being so disturbed. She's now taken to sunning herself on our patio or sitting on the Dahlia duvet. I fear for the Dahlias - if they weren't got by last winter's cold snap - as she's a bit of a pudding.

I think it's only a matter of time before she adopts us completely.


  1. Yep--cats know where they feel comfortable! And a DOG--I mean, REALLY! ;-)

  2. Oh so funny, i am going through the same thing...funny thing is the owners have the same names as my hubby and me...we thought maybe the cat got confused lol. They got two new kittens last year, and he wont go back in their house...i had to FORCE him to stay in my back hall when there was bad weather. Now that it has warmed up and we have the tent set up...he stays in our yard 24/7. I need to contact the owners who live around the corner to find out if he has gotten his shots and frontline, if not i have to do it. He doesnt want to leave here, eats every meal here, but does not want to be in the house, so i cant blame the owners. Next winter should prove interesting, i refuse to let this cat stay outside...looks like a basement renovation for me.

  3. She looks very much at home on your patio ;)

  4. what will jess & skimble think? will moly be allowed inside?

  5. I've always felt privilaged when cats have adopted me and my home, as they've done on several occasions! xx

  6. Ah bless! You have been well and truly adopted.

    Have a great day at Malvern tomorrow, VP!

  7. It looks like you have been adopted by Moly. Well, there are worse things in life than being adopted by a discerning kittycat. ;-)

  8. When we lived in England our neighbours cat adoped our family. One day it crawled in through the top bedroom window and made itself at home.

  9. the cat from the farm has decided that life here is easier than at her home where three children under five and a dog don't make for peace and quiet. I wouldn't mind but she elbows our cat out of the way and won't be stroked - just a quick raid through the cat flap for food and off.

  10. Monica - they sure do! Actually thier dog is pretty cute, even NAH - the confirmed cat lover who wonders what the fuss is about dogs - likes her!

    CatHerder - welcome! Sounds like you've been well and truly adopted. It's strange how cats just know who to adopt isn't it?

    Juliet - she does and she's there at the moment!

    Petoskystone - Skimble and Jess are fine about it for the moment. I think it would be different if she came inside though. BTW I've given you an award to say thank so much for all the contributions you've made to my blog :)

    Flighty - lucky you! NAH's aunt seems to be in a similar adoption process down in Poole too!

    HM - looks like it doesn't it. I had a lovely time, thanks and I see you did too :)

    Yolanda - yes, Moly does seem to know we're cat lovers!

    CG - crumbs, how did it get up there?

    Elizabethm - I suspect Moly would be similar if we fed her. Skimble and Jess are most affectionate, but Moly hasn't learned good manners yet!

  11. Her twin sister in Katy, Texas has more or less adopted us. Named Sweetie Pie by her owner, who lives kittycorner across the street from us, she began taking refuge in our garage a few months ago. Evidently the other cat at her house terrorized her so often that she decided we were a more pleasant alternative. Her owner supplies food for Sweetie, who is skittish around anyone else but slowly growing more used to our comings and goings. She likes to loll on the top of my truck.

  12. Hi Cindy - Moly is definitely her sister - she likes lolling about on top of my car!


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