Things In Unusual Places #1: The Earthworm

I found an earthworm in my sink on Saturday morning just after breakfast. I didn't see it glide across the kitchen floor, this isn't where stuff from the garden or allotment gets washed and it seems an awfully long way for it to have climbed up the plumbing.

So, how on earth did it get there? And whilst we're at it, how do they get into my water butt on the allotment after it's been filled from the nearest standpipe?


  1. Must have fallen off something you were holding over the sink? A mystery otherwise!

  2. Not unless it was lurking there for several days Matron, so I'm declaring it a mystery! Any ideas on how they get into water butts which aren't supplied via rainwater runoff?

  3. Mmmmmmm - a mystery indeed - looks like a slippery customer to me. Have you left the lid off the water butt for a while, giving aforesaid worm an opportunity to slide in ?

  4. Anna - not unless they slip in when I'm refilling the water butt. I get them in the garden butt too, but figured they could have come down the rainwater downpipe if a bird dropped one on the roof or something. As for the sink and the allotment, I'm stumped.

  5. Hello there VP !
    Now isn't that a mystery ? .. how on earth was it able to get there ?
    Gives you something to think about while laying in bed at night perplexed with life in general? LOL

  6. Eeeeewwww, VP! I love earthworms, but I want them in my soil and earthworm composter, not in the sink! I'll bet that gave you a turn!

  7. maybe the cats had something to do with your surprise guest?

  8. I know, I know, my mind is just as firmly boggled as yours is. ;-)

  9. I've got NO idea about your earthworm mystery, but I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the beautiful music done by your choir! I had it on in the background whilst I was sorting stuff on my desk and it made the whole morning so much more pleasant and calm. Wonderful!

  10. beamed there by the little green men in the spaceship?

  11. Your worm must have super powers!
    I found a slug in the salad crisper this morning - obviously off allotment greens - despite being washed after picking. Yuk!

  12. I found a vine weevil halfway up the kitchen wall, above the cooker, the other week. I'd far rather have earthworms in the sink ;)

  13. Hello everyone - I enjoyed reading your blog, makes me very envious as I don't (yet) have a garden!

    I noticed you mentioned the OPAL Soils and Earthworms survey, which runs from March to May 2009. There are still some survey packs available, and we would be very interested to receive your results. You can e-mail us at to order a survey pack - just let me know your address and I can pop a pack in the post to you. Or you can have a look at the results that have come in so far at

  14. I've never found an earth worm in the sink, but regularly have to swat vine weevil beetles crawling up the kitchen wall. And I once lived in a house where the slugs had decided they prefered the scraps on the kitchen floor to the juicy leaves in the garden - actually there weren't any juicy leaves, it was a student house and the garden was, well, a bit of a mess - ie, full of brambles, crisp packets and the odd shopping trolley.

  15. Joy - yes it's a mystery but luckily it's not keeping me awake at night. Plenty of other things do that so it doesn't get a look in!

    OFB - luckily I'm immune to these kinds of things giving me a turn - it's because I've spent so much time trawling through lots of glutinous mud for all sorts of creepy crawlies I suppose. So I looked at it with curiosity more than anything else.

    Petoskystone - hmm that's a possibility...

    Yolanda - I'm still pretty boggled too. And whilst I think it might be because of one of the reasons I've already given, or Petoskystone's, I'm still perplexed that I didn't spot it earlier.

    Nutty Gnome - I've e-mailed your comment to our choir master, who now thinks you're lovely

    Deb - I don't think so - apparently they were around Chippenham at New Year's though...

    EG - it's amazing that no matter how careful you are with washing produce, some wildlife always seems to get through!

    Juliet - I've found vine weevil here too :( though not in the house yet, thank goodness

    Simon - welcome and glad you like it here! Thanks for adding the info.

    Martyn - ahhhhhh, student accomodation dontcha just love it? We had slugs half way up the bathroom wall in ours, plus mildew in which the previous occupants had scrawled 'lovely people' :(

  16. I just found an earthworm in my sink...I'd been gone all day and the house was closed least I think it's an earthworm...may be a fat red worm...anyhow found you by googling around and just thought to let you know, you're not alone. Well maybe, we're not alone in this oddity. My daughter wouldn't let me go to bed until I fetched it's now awaiting identification in a ziploc w/ a tsp of water for sustenance. The blessing in it is that I found your lovely blog...I'll be back, I can't say as much for our mystery worm visitors. I'm fixated on the parable in the incident as I believe God teaches me through all His creatures. Don't lose your wonder! All the best from California...

    1. Hi Lisa and welcome to Veg Plotting :) Even 5 years on, it's still a mystery as to how the earthworm got into my sink and now I find it's happenend elsewhere! Thank you for your kind remarks, they've made my day :D


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