News Hot Off the Press: Guardian Blog Guest Post

In celebration of Compost Awareness Week, The Guardian Gardening Blog is publishing a post every day. It's my turn to feature today - do hop on over there to find out what Johanna's doing in my garden.

Am I chuffed or what :)


  1. Oh, VP - I want a Johanna too! I haven't heard of them before and they sound brilliant.

    I have a big black 'dalek' style compost bin and there is no-where to put it except in the shade.

    What's more, I always have a problem with sticks and fibrous things. I don't have enough to warrant the council coming to collect them as 'garden waste' and I'm not able to have a bonfire. (Regret, regret. Bonfires are one of the very best bits of gardening and I feel deprived.) So to have a composter that requires a layer of twigs, well . . . !

    And there isn't room for turning the compost. It still 'works' but would work better if it got more aerated so to have a turner sounds good too.

    I'll have to watch out for what our council is doing. (Though I don't hold out great hopes for it!)


  2. Esther - if you go into the final link in the article and type in your postcode where it askes you to, you'll be able to if your local council has a 'deal' on Johannas. Fingers crossed that they do!

  3. Cool! Or, indeed, warm! This reminds me to put my thermometer into my compost bin. Mine usually is a slow cooking, so it doesn't get so warm, but I noticed all the beer good and old barley is making it steam! :)

  4. Hi VP - I did as you suggested but our council doesn't offer this kind of bin.

    There was an extra link about other discounts in our area. Apparently I can buy one for £98:00 including delivery. (This is beyond my pocket.) I'm not sure how much of a 'discount' this is either. It says the manufacturer's recommended price is £98:99. Wow!


  5. P.S. I tried to pick your post on Blotanical but I can hardly do anything there at present. I pressed the button and a little wheel came up and whirled and whirled . . . and whirled and whirled . . . and Sylvia's pick came up on the screen . . . and my little wheel whirled . . . so I tried again . . . and the new wheel whirled . . .

    Gave up.

    I'm not sure what's Blotanical and what's my computer and what's my internet connection. Sometimes, recently, I haven't even been able to get to my own blogs. So I rarely go to blogs now through Blotanical but use my own links.

    Esther's Boring Garden Blog

  6. Well done on an interesting, and informative, guest post on composting! xx

  7. Yay!! Well done Superstar xx

  8. Well done you :) Johanna looks an interesting beast. I would be interested in a progress bulletin in due course.

  9. Hi VP, your local council is so forward thinking, with the other bins and now Johanna. Putting meat in would certainly seem strange though. I will be interested to see the results. My homemade bin is in shade most of the day, more for my happiness than the compost's.

  10. Aaaahhh! I 'know' someone famous! Fab guest blog. I want a Johanna but this is Northern Ireland we may get them say in 20 years, I won't hold my breath.

  11. Monica - I'm always surprised how hot they get - it's like magic!

    Esther - boo hoo, that's a shame. Hmm I wonder if I can think of a way around that little problem...

    Flighty and Frankie - thanks! xx

    Anna - it'll be in 4-6 months time!

    Frances - shade still works, it just slows things down as you'll know already. If I could have sited the bins in similar spots it would also have cured the problem.

    Carrie - type in your postcode on the supplier's website and see. I would like at least one of this and The Guardian's readers to have success. I can't believe that Wiltshire's the only place with a good deal!


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