Out on the Streets: June 2009

Oh me, oh my - it seems like only 2 minutes ago we were in March and Out on the Streets!
But no, it's nearly June and time for another look at public planting in your neighbourhood and/or on your travels this year. It's entirely up to you to decide what to show us, it just needs to be in the public eye like the pictured bright planters (and a rather nice tree lined avenue behind don't you think?) I found in Cardiff recently. We had a wide variety of contributions in March which you might like to look at for inspiration, or here's some further ideas:
  • Choose a site, perhaps the one closest to where you live and show us how it changes through the seasons. OR perhaps you have something to say about the way plants are used in the public area of an office or another building you visit frequently
  • Write about a community project that's happening in your neighbourhood, maybe one you're involved in yourself
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - contrasting examples you see every day or you've noticed on your travels
  • Choose an example near you and find out about the people responsible for designing, building or maintaining it
  • Write about a particular issue or trend you'd like to explore which fits this meme e.g. Britain in Bloom (or another community project), vandalism (and how it can be minimised), vertical gardens, or something else...
  • Anything else that takes your fancy - you may like to have a look at the post I wrote when I introduced my public planting series to see how I'm defining it for my own use this year: it may help you to focus in on a particular topic you'd like to write about
So when to post? It's up to you. I'm keeping this topic open from now and during the whole of June. However, I'm not going to put Mr Linky up for you to add your links at the moment because there was an update recently, so I'm wary of using it until I know for sure there aren't any problems. In the meantime, do leave me a comment here with your link and I'll make sure your post is added when Mr Linky goes up. Don't worry if you've nothing to contribute for June as there'll be further opportunities to take part in September and December.
See you soon, Out on the Streets!


  1. Hi VP, I'm looking forward to participating and to seeing other people's posts. It makes me look more closely at places I go and where I live.

  2. When were you in Cardiff??!! Did you go to the RHS show?? Would have been good to meet and have a natter!


  3. I think you'll like this one....


  4. HM - looking forward to seeing what you come up with this time. Your Green Man was the tops last time :)

    Ryan - I was there a month after RHS Cardiff. I went last year - perhaps we'll have a natter there next year?

    Carrie - I'm on my way over. For others also wanting to visit, here's a
    to get you there a bit quicker :)

  5. This one's from Hermes today - showing us what his local council's been up to in Westbury.

    That's not too far from Chippenham BTW :)

  6. Just to clarify - that's me pretending to be Hermes and I then realised I could actually put his name/URL in instead of being me.

    Shows I still need to learn about this blogging thang ;)

  7. I've been out on the streets VP when it was cooler than it is today:) My post is up now at :


  8. Thanks Anna - that's a perfect entry for this month. Folks - Anna's done 3 collages to give us a full tour of her Out on the Streets post :)

    Here's a link to her post so you can get there directly...

  9. Hi VP,
    Posted on my OOTS - just in time. Another green man, of a sort!

  10. Forgot link!!!

  11. Here's the link so you can hop over to HM's in double quick time - it's well worth the effort :)


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